Monday, July 22, 2019

Another Nathaniel Doll

Unnamed doll by Nathaniel

I had wanted this Nathaniel doll for quite some time but hesitated to purchase.  After discovering that Marilyn Bloodworth had planned to sell these at a Lewisburg, TN doll show (which has unfortunately now been canceled), I asked if she would sell one to me.  Marilyn agreed.

I was given the option to purchase a nude doll or one that Marilyn would dress. I chose a nude doll.

This 16-inch all-vinyl doll arrived as shown above in a plastic baggie only wearing gold flat slip-on shoes.  I was happy she had shoes.

First clothing option

In my 18-in doll clothing stash, I found a handmade lavender floral-print romper that fits her well.

I added a lavender headband, pierced her ears, and inserted amethyst-colored stud earrings.

This view from the back illustrates the length of her thick, curly hair.

Because the romper was not the preferred look I wanted to achieve, I opted to use a gold scarf to fashion a full-length, no-sew dress.   The scarf was first wrapped around her lower body and torso. It was carried underneath her left arm, around her back, over her right shoulder and across her breast area, tucking any extra length into the previously wrapped areas as I went along.  A tan and brown ombré scarf serves as a headband.

She wears copper earrings and necklace.

Her stud earrings were replaced with copper hoops, shown above and a copper serpentine necklace was added.

Close-up of the necklace



To add realism, her fingernails and toenails were painted with off-white fingernail polish.

Copper wire bracelet

Copper wire was used to create a simple bracelet for her right wrist.

Gold lamé Roman-style sandals
I ordered a pair of gold lamé Roman-style sandals for her as a final touch.  They are shown in a close-up above and in the next full-view photo.

Her look is complete.

Thank you again, Marilyn, for selling this beautiful doll to me.

Marilyn has additional quantities of the doll available for sale.  She can style the doll for you or sell it nude.  Two of her styled dolls are shown next.

Nathaniel dolls styled and sold by Marilyn Bloodworth

If interested in purchasing a Nathaniel doll, please contact Marilyn through her Facebook page.  From there click the "Message" link.  You may also reach her by email here.


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