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Nancy Ann Storybook Flower Power

Nancy Ann Storybook Flower Power
Flower Power, a Nancy Ann Storybook Doll, is the souvenir doll for Dollology club's annual May Day Luncheon.  The luncheon was held on May 11, 2019.  I saw a picture of Flower Power in a Facebook post the evening of the luncheon and later on April Perlowski's Of Dolls blog in a post published the day after the luncheon.  (See the link to April's post at the end of this post.)

After learning that the doll is porcelain, I hesitated to add her to my collection, but because of her diminutive size, her 1970s theme, and the fact that she is said to be Robert Tonner's last doll under the Phyn & Aero brand, I decided to inquire about additional quantities.  Facebook friends, Phyllis Burns and Vicky Hoff Forbes helped me locate the doll in late May.

This close-up photo, taken while the doll was still attached to the box, illustrates Flower Power's sweet face.
Sculpted by Dianna Effner for Nancy Ann Storybook/Phyn & Aero, the doll is full-body porcelain and stands 6 inches tall.  She has black painted eyes and brown wigged hair.

As illustrated here, her somewhat unruly hair extends to her bottom.
Her crocheted top is orange, white, and pink; it has bell sleeves and an empire waist.

She wears denim pants with frayed hems, the legs of which are accented with colorful floral appliqu├ęs.

Flower Power's accessories include brown faux leather sandals, a floral headband, and a multicolored beaded necklace, which remain in baggies attached to the box liner.

Her doll stand is also attached to the box liner.

Temporarily out of the box, Flower Power posed in her bare feet before returning to her box.  
See April's doll wearing her headband, necklace, and shoes, here and read her luncheon coverage here.

Thank you again, Phyllis and Vicky, for helping me locate Flower Power.  She's a gem!


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