Monday, August 5, 2019

Jayda and Tootie's Facelift

Jayda and Tootie are shown above on the far left and far-right, respectively.  The center doll is Nella.  All three dolls were made by Barbara Elsleger a.k.a. Prims-of-the-Past
After doll-friend Betty Ativie gifted me with Nella (the center doll shown above) for my birthday this past May, I photographed Nella with her two new sisters, Jayda and Tootie.  I noticed the area around Jayda and Tootie's eyes seemed much darker than it had been when they arrived in 2010.  I viewed my original photo of  Jayda and Tootie, taken in 2010 after they arrived, which confirmed the darkening was not my imagination.  I contacted the artist who gladly agreed to repaint their faces for me.

After Barbara Elsleger received the dolls, she asked if she could change their hair.  I agreed.  She had originally used wefts of mohair for their hair, which I was pleased with because it is almost identical to natural-textured African American hair that is product-free.   In addition to repainting their faces, I commissioned Barbara to make mini dolls for the girls to hold.

The girls' post-facelift pictures and their dolls are shared next.

Tootie and Jayda are seen in their first post-facelift picture.

Their eyes are much brighter-looking now.
Nella joined the girls in the next photo.

Nella is happy about her sisters' facelifts.
In addition to their newly painted faces (Barbara painted their entire faces, not just the eyes), the girls now have wefts of synthetic hair that replaces their original mohair.  Barbara thought the synthetic hair would hold up better. 

Barbara made these four cloth dolls for the girls to hold.  Why is there an extra one, you wonder?

The fourth doll was made as a gift for Betty Ativie's doll, Nikki (Nella's original sister).
Betty shared this picture of Nikki with her new doll that she named Nina.

Jayda, Nella, and Tootie love their new dolls.  Jayda and Tootie appreciate their new faces and hair.

All the girls are happy and their humans are, too.

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  1. It is nice that you were able to have the artist give your dolls a face lift, new hair and little dolls. It shows that she truly is a good person. The extra doll as a gift for your friend's doll is a sweet thought. Keep having fun with your collection.

    1. Thank you, Arlette! It was exceedingly nice of the seller to go above and beyond the call to satisfy me and I really appreciate her for doing so.

      You know I will continue to have fun with my three-dimensional inanimate companions as much as time permits.



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