Monday, August 12, 2019

Fashionistas 123, 125, and You Can Be Anything Nikki

Barbie Fashionistas 123, 125, and You Can Be Anything Travel Doll Nikki
These three Barbies, Barbie Fashionistas 123 and 125 and You Can Be Anything Travel Doll Nikki were purchased between May and June of this year for different reasons.

You Can Be Anything Travel Doll Nikki and Uniforms

Barbie school uniforms

In May, I purchased two cute schoolgirl uniforms with matching headbands from Instagramer, @thedauhlhouse.  I already had a doll in mind for the smaller of the two fashions, but needed one for the blue plaid uniform.

Because of her Afro puffs, You Can Be Anything Travel Doll Nikki Barbie will eventually wear the blue plaid uniform as soon as additional "doll play" time presents itself.  Later, she and the other doll designated for the red plaid uniform will both return to model these.  Below are Nikki's still-in-the-box photos.

You Can Be Anything Travel Doll Nikki is part of the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures animated series that can be watched on NetFlix.  She has dark brown hair styled in two Afro puffs.  She wears a green dress with floral print at the bottom and orange high-top sneakers.  

Here is a closer look at her lovely face.

Nikki's accessories include a pink camera, a purple travel cup, a case of paints, a paintbrush, and a tote bag.

Fashionista #123
Fashionista 123

I wanted this girl because of her microbraids which are done rather decently.  She will probably appreciate a fashion change soon, too.  I like her "girl power" tank top, and the style of the red "wet look" skirt is nice, but I think I can find something better for her to wear.  The lavender boots will definitely be replaced.  More pictures of this doll taken before deboxing are next:

She has a lovely face.  I like her dark lip color, and I look forward to examining her braids more closely.

Her graphic T-shirt has "Girl Power" written on top with an image of a cyclist underneath.

Her only accessory is a goldtone bangle.

As indicated, she wears lavender high-top sneakers.

Fashionista #125
Fashionista 125
I wanted this doll because of her ebony complexion and the fact that this is the first doll, to my knowledge, that uses the curvy body, an ebony complexion, and purple hair.

Stock photo of the Fashionista 125 prototype

I believe Fashionista 125 uses a new head sculpt as well.  The skin tone and hair color combinations are definitely a first for Mattel.  I am not at all enamored by the floral-print lamé romper she wears but her black box-heel mules are fashion up-to-date.  Perhaps I'll ask Instagramer @laylee.m.doll.clothes  to make something for her soon.  She finds the most unique fabrics and I am sure she will be able to whip something up that will complement #125's complexion and hair color.  Below are more pictures of the actual doll.

This is another full-view photo of the actual doll.

I am not a fan of pink lip color on dolls with this complexion, so I am sure I will tone it down once she is released.

Full-view profile
Her black box-heel mules can be seen a bit better in this photo.

All three dolls will be back after their redresses along with the fourth doll that I plan to redress in the red plaid school uniform.


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  1. Grrrr, bubblegum lips on a doll of color again! Can't wait to see your fix for that!

    1. I know. Mattel needs to stop with this lip color foolishness.


  2. Those three dolls look really nice (clapping for MATTEL). I totally agree with you regarding the lipstick and the dress of the beautiful curvy doll with the darkest complexion and purple hair. I love the honey blonde doll's micro braids. I have a few questions. Is her hair entirely braided from the front to the back? How are the braids in comparison with the Fresh Dolls' braids? The artist looks adorable with her Afro puffs.
    I can't wait to see them in their new outfits. I am also wondering about the girl who will inherit the second school uniform.

    1. Mattel has upped their diversity, body size, and face mold game, but they are still lacking in articulation for their dolls. I guess we can't have it all.

      I'll be able to better answer your questions about Fashionista 123's braids after I debox her. I need to order more doll stands, but I'll probably debox before doing that. I believe her hair is braided from front to back. The braids appear thinner than the Fresh doll braids with perhaps a finer texture of hair being used for Fashionista 123, but again, I won't know this for certain until I debox her. I plan to do that within the next week or so before my schedule gets too busy again.

      My husband remarked that the artist has a realistic-looking face. He was with me when I purchased her.

      Hint about the doll who will inherit the red school dress: She entered the collection around this time last year.


    2. Hello Debbie,

      Here is my guess, thanks to your hint: the outfit might be for the doll who received the fully articulated body.

    3. Ding! Ding! Ding! You are absolutely right, Arlette!


  3. Congratulations on getting these dolls! I will be looking for Barbie Fashionistas 123 and 125. I look forward to seeing your repaints and rebodying.

    1. Thanks, D7ana! I don't plan to rebody any of these. I will redress and paint 125's lips only.


  4. the next barbie you should have is barbie surprise career

    1. Thank you for the next Barbie suggestion. That one looks like a fun doll.



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