Wednesday, January 29, 2020

*Extended* Preorder Sale for Brains and Beauty Nia

Brains and Beauty Dolls Nia

The third doll by Brains and Beauty Dolls, Nia, is now available to preorder.  The doll retails for $89.99 but is now being offered for a special low sales price of $69.99 from now until March 31, 2020.  After March 31st ,the preorder price will increase

NOTE:  100 preorders are needed to make Nia a reality.  Without this minimum order, Nia will not be produced.  So help make Nia a reality by placing your preorder now from the Brains and Beauty Dolls website.   

Nia’s Specifications:
  • Nia is 18 inches tall with beautiful brown eyes and beautiful black locs. 
  • She has a half cloth body and movable head and limbs made of smooth ebony-colored vinyl. 
  • Nia speaks 20 empowering phrases, and
  • Her voice can be personalized with your own empowering phrases!

Nia will arrive as shown here.

Included with Nia are:
  • A pair of red shoes
  • Denim jumpsuit
To illustrate the variations in the Brains and Beauty Dolls' complexions, Malia, Nia, and Khari posed together.

Again, the low preorder price of $69.99 is only good from now until March 31, 2020, so preorder Nia today from the Brains and Beauty Dolls website.

Brains and Beauty Dolls appreciates your support in helping them meet the 100-doll minimum preorder goal for Nia.


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