Monday, January 6, 2020

More of Amazing Girls Sienna

Amazing Girls Sienna by Adora Dolls

Amazing Girls Sienna returns to share additional photos.  The first additional photo is of her body, which I had intended to include in the previous post.

Sienna's cloth mid-section is illustrated here.  The rest of her construct is vinyl including her full-vinyl arms which allows her to wear sleeveless dresses and blouses.
The vinyl used for Sienna's head is relatively soft, which allowed the use of quilting pins to pierce her ears.

The quilting pins now serve as yellow stud earrings for Sienna.
Sienna posed with American Girl Addy for a height comparison.  They are about the same height.  Addy's body might be slightly fuller than Sienna's, but they can share the same clothes.  Not shown, Sienna's boots fit Addy.
Addy agreed to allow Sienna to try on one of her custom-made sandals which fit Sienna perfectly.  Addy didn't dare allow Sienna to try on her Kente-cloth-print dress because it is very special to her.
Sienna was able to try on other fashions designed for 18-inch dolls as illustrated next.

Sienna wears a rust-colored plaid dress made for 18-inch dolls.  This dress was part of an ensemble that included a dark green knit sweater and a dark green knit hat.

Sienna wears the dress alone with ivory tights that were part of a Karito Kids fashion.  The gold slippers came with the Nathaniel doll shown here.

In this vintage picture taken of Addy during the late 1990s/early 2000s, Addy models the plaid dress with the green sweater and hat that were included with it.

I thought the above dress would be Sienna's one and only redress, but there was one more.  I recalled that Brains and Beauty Malia had been redressed a while back in an Adora Dolls fashion made for their 18-inch dolls.  I decided to try that fashion on Sienna.

Sienna looks adorable in the Adora dolls fashion which includes a tan sweater, a matching headband, red/blue/tan check shorts, and separately-sold brown lace-up boots also by Adora Dolls.

Instead of returning her to her original fashion, Malia decided to try on the plaid dress, tights, and gold shoes.  She and I both love this look on her.  Now I will have to find the green sweater and hat that came with the dress.

Sienna took one final photo with a doll that appears to have become her BFF. 

These two girls, CeeCee and Sienna, display well together.
I have not yet redressed my Herstory doll, CeeCee.  As soon as I find shoes that fit her narrow feet, she will be redressed, too.  (I believe the missing green sweater and hat are stored with my Magic Attic Keisha doll clothes.  I am thinking CeeCee can wear Magic Attic clothes and shoes.  I will soon find out.)


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