Friday, January 3, 2020

Christmas Doll Gifts

These three things:  Hallmark Keepsake 2019 Holiday Barbie ornament, Madame Alexander Snowman Ballerina Wendy, and Sienna an Amazon-exclusive 18-inch doll by Adora were the doll gifts I received for Christmas.

The Barbie Holiday Ornament

The 2019 Holiday Barbie Ornament is inspired by the 2019 Holiday Barbie doll.
Made of resin, the 2019 Holiday Barbie Ornament by Hallmark has molded hair and a painted-on candy-cane dress with glitter accent.  There is a red fabric skirt and a red fabric bow over the right shoulder.  Like the doll, the ornament uses the Asha head sculpt.

Snowman Ballerina Wendy

Released in 2015, Snowman Ballerina Wendy's cardboard box is shaped like a colorful snowman.
Wendy uses the dedicated African American Wendy head sculpt which was first used for Sheer Delight Wendy in 2005.  The company has not used this sculpt for African American Wendys since approximately 2016.  In 2018, they reverted to the use of the original Wendy head sculpt for both African American and Caucasian dolls.

Snowman Wendy has a black wig styled in two side ponytails with curled ends.  She has brown sleep eyes.
Snowman Wendy wears a white leotard and tutu.  The bodice has two vertical black pom-poms.  She wears a black felt top hat which has a red ribbon band.  A red flannel neck scarf, white shimmery tights, and black patent-leather boots complete her costume.

Amazing Girls Sienna

Amazing Girls Sienna is shown in her first two photos taken while still attached to the box.  Sienna's out-of-the-box photos are shown below.
Sienna is sharply dressed in a shimmery tan knit tunic worn with lined black leggings, fur-trimmed Army-green boots, and a matching fur-trimmed bubble coat.

Close-up of the boots

She carries a black canvas shoulder bag that has the words, "Peace Love & Music" written in cursive on the front.

Sienna has a tan vinyl complexion, brown sleep eyes, and rooted dark brown super curly and super soft hair.

Her hair extends to her upper back in its naturally curly state; however, if stretched, it is much longer.

Sienna's coat is removable to give her another fashion look.

Sienna will be back in a separate post with more pictures.

Additional Gifts

Possible Dreams Giddyup Santa was added to my Santa display on Christmas day after I opened the beautifully wrapped package that contained it.
Possible Dreams Giddy up Santa can be seen better in this stock photo

My new Possible Dreams Giddy Up Santa is not doll-related, but close enough to be added to this post.   I receive a new Dept. 56 Possible Dreams Santa annually from doll-friend Debra R. because she knows they are my favorite Santas to collect.  Giddy up Santa's photo and the others in this post were taken with a new camera (also a Christmas present) before I educated myself on the camera settings, which is why I added a stock photo.


These five Target-exclusive nutcrackers were also added to the Christmas table of decorations on Christmas day.

Loosely doll-related are the five African American nutcrackers that I requested my daughter buy (she had asked what I wanted for Christmas and I added these as last-minute gifts to the list).  I usually buy at least one African American Target nutcracker annually for myself, but this year I hesitated until a few days before Christmas when I looked at them once again on Target's website and decided, yeah, I think I need them and informed my daughter about this need.

The gifts received from a friend in Illinois in were beautifully wrapped with African American Santa Christmas paper.

Close-up of the African American Christmas-paper-wrapped gifts from one of my doll friends

Thank you, Debra R. and Bettie Ativie for thinking about me.  I love my doll gifts (and non-doll-related gifts from Debra R).  Thank you always to my daughter for asking for my Christmas wish list and for always coming through.  Thanks are also in order to  my son, who purchased my new camera.


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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