Monday, May 4, 2020

Star Wars C-3PO X Barbie

Stock photo of C-3PO x Barbie

Preordering is now available for the C-3PO X Barbie. According to the Barbie Mattel site, the doll will be available to ship on June 15th.  Described as follows:

"This collectible Star Wars x Barbie® doll takes design inspiration from C-3PO’s legendary look to capture his golden armor in a runway-ready silhouette. Star Wars C-3PO x Barbie® doll shines in a head-to-toe liquid gold look with accents of sheer organza and golden sequins. Polished details include a golden collar, bangles, C-3PO-inspired glasses and a brilliant cincture echoing the droid’s primary power coupler outlet. Star Wars C-3PO x Barbie® doll makes the perfect addition to any collection and a great gift for Star Wars and Barbie® fans. Includes a Star Wars doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

"Label: Gold
Designer: Robert Best
Release Date: 5/4/2020
Included with doll: dress, boots w/ softgoods, hair piece, necklace,arm cuffs,hand covers, belt and chain, sunglasses, doll stand
Eyelashes: Painted
Fashion: Dress with sheer organza accents and golden sequins, glasses
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Body Type: ModelMuse
Doll Stand: Yes
Facial sculpt: Mbili
Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 17" x 5" x 10"Limit 2 per person."

The ensemble is gorgeous!
Stock photo of one of two available Star Wars Barbie gift sets.

See more pictures of C-3PO Barbie and preorder here (at Barbie.Mattel) or here on Amazon.

Order the entire collection as a gift set here.

Star Wars Barbie search results and links to individual buy pages can be accessed here.

May the doll-collecting force be with you!


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  1. I was never a fan of Star Wars. (I'm not that hip.) but these are making me want to be a fake SW fan girl, and they're designed by Robert Best which is just the icing on the cake! I wish that Chewbaca was apart of this set, would've been perfect. Though the only doll I particularly care for from the second wave is C-3PO x. I am thoroughly in love with her hair and her eye makeup.

    1. Hi Tiffanaigans! During the time I wrote this post and during the time you and I first communicated, I had no plans whatsoever to buy this doll. Like you, I am not a SW fan. In fact, I have never seen a SW movie, but I was convinced by another collector that I should add her to my collection. I did so after realizing preorders are available at Amazon and for Prime members (like me) shipping is free. Also, if you have an Amazon Prime Visa, you have the option of six monthly payments. So, with the free shipping and six monthly payments, I jumped off the fence I was on and ordered her. Amazon's estimated shipping date is May 15th, a few weeks prior to Barbie Mattel's proposed shipping date. I just hope Amazon packs the doll securely. They have been known to mishandle packages by shipping dolls in boxes without packing materials. Keeping my fingers crossed.


    2. Whoa that's a great deal! Hmm, I may have to start using my prime again. (I stopped due to Covid-19 cases being in a Amazon factory near me. Yikes!) but beside the point, I've bought a lot of Barbies from Amazon and I don't think I've ever had an issue with defective or damaged boxes. So I hope that you have the same experience, especially with this girlie. Are you're planning to do a review of her once you receive her? I'd love to read it and it may be the determining factor whether or not I get her myself.

    3. Yes, of course I will write a review after she arrives. Before I open any packages, I spray them with disinfectant spray and leave them by the front door for at least two days before I open them. I also thoroughly wash my hands after handling the package initially and again after I have opened the box. I also thoroughly wash my hands after handling regular mail. We can't be too careful.

      Here's hoping she arrives virus-free and in an undamaged box. :-)

      BTW, I went ahead and ordered for fear that Star Wars collectors, who are not typically Barbie collectors, might desire to add the doll to their SW collections causing an early sell-out.


  2. This whole series appeals to me, the costumes are beautiful. I also love the boxes! I think that Star Wars fans indeed will buy these dolls to add to their collection as well. :)

  3. It's a wonderful series. The costumes are fabulous! I just noticed that Chewbacca is not included in either gift set, but can be purchased individually for $50 more than the other individually-priced dolls.


  4. OMG.... Here I go again. I saw this doll on Twitter and immediately began to drool over all the accessories!!! And then I looked at the rest of the series and saw others..... This one is the best of the series, but there are a few others too. These really do not fit into my collection.... but the temptation is very strong!!! Robert Best is the best!

    1. I know, April. I really had not planned to purchase anything from this collection, but you know how it goes when something shiny and gold is dangled before your eyes. The costumes are all great, but C-3PO's costume is outstanding.



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