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Hannah by Nancy Revoir Dezotell

Hannah by Nancy Revoir Dezotell

Made in 2006 by Nancy Revoir Dezotell, Hannah is a 12-1/2-inch doll made for the Green Mountain Doll Club of Vermont's 2006 UFDC Regional Conference. 

Hannah close-up

Made of resin with a black cloth body, Hannah has black eyes and a black mohair wig styled in two high-positioned, short side-ponytails adorned with red ribbons. 

Hannah wears a sewn-on red felt dress, white slip, white pantaloons, and molded-on black boots that have real laces. Her red socks are molded on. 

Hannah's doll

Hannah has a black rag doll (made from black jersey-knit cloth) and a booklet, Hannah's Story, by Mary E. Swasey ©2005. The booklet tells her story of living in the foothills of the Green Mountains in Vermont with her loving family. She adores her father.

Hannah's booklet, wooden base, and molded-on boots, and socks are illustrated here.

The first page of Hannah's booklet sets the Winter scene of the story.

The black wooden base had two pegs that fit into a hole in the bottom of Hannah's boots. 

Hannah's base

The text on the bottom of the base is copied below followed by a photograph of the text.

Green Mountain Medley
Region 15
UFDC Regional Conference
Green Moutain Doll Club of Vermont
June 15-17, 2006
Nancy Revoir Dezotell. 

According to the seller, Hannah is signed and numbered by the artist as a limited edition #42 of only 182. I, however, could not find the signature.


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