Monday, October 19, 2020

Hannah's Pinafore and Pockets

I used a 12 x 12 square of white felt to make my doll's pinafore.

Another Hannah by Nancy Revoir Dezotell was sold on eBay after I purchased my doll. The doll in the subsequent auction wore a white pinafore and held a stalk of corn. I was not concerned about my doll not having corn stalks because she holds a doll and that would be my preference. I did, however, want her to have a white pinafore. So, I made one for her.

As illustrated in the first image, I used a 12 x 12 square of white felt to make my doll's pinafore. 

I folded the felt square in half and measured and cut it down to the desired width and length.

After measuring the length and width of Hannah's red dress, I folded the felt and cut it to the desired width and length. 

After trimming off excess felt, a neck hole was made.

With the felt still folded, I cut a half-circle in the center of the folded top that was too small to accommodate Hannah's head.

The trial pinafore.

The neck area was too small for Hannah's head; so for the trial pinafore shown here, I cut a slit down the back. After doing this, I decided just a small slit would make the neck area large enough to accommodate Hannah's head. 

I remade the pinafore and made it wider than the trial. 

To open the neck of the second pinafore, I cut a small slit in the back center of the opening.

The side slits are held together with ribbon ties, one on each side.

I made slits on the sides underneath the elbow area and threaded a white ribbon through the slits to tie the pinafore in place. Not shown, to keep the ribbon ends from fraying, I applied clear fingernail polish.

Looking pleased, Hannah posed with her new white pinafore.

I thought about adding red rick-rack or buttons, but that would make it too obviously different from the original pinafore. After a week or so, I decided to use felt from the trial pinafore to add pockets to Hannah's pinafore.

The lower back sides of the original pinafore were cut off and glued to Hannah's second pinafore.

Close-up of Hannah's pinafore with pockets attached.

I traced the back side and bottom edges of the cut-out felt pockets with lines of Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue and pressed these onto the bottom of the pinafore, as illustrated above. I kept the top edge open in case Hannah wants to put something in her pockets. 

It appears her slightly crooked smile became wider after she saw her new pockets.

The doll wearing the original pinafore is shown with my doll in before-and-after pinafore photos.

The pinafore nicely complements Hannah's red dress. 

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