Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mini's Found on Zulily

These three American Girl Mini dolls were found on Zulily.

These American Girl Mini dolls are currently on Zulily, but the campaign ends soon. I ordered them in September.

As illustrated in this photo, their complexions vary.

Described as Smart Girls, they are 6-1/2 inch all-vinyl dolls. Two of my dolls use the C├ęcile Rey head sculpt with different complexions and hairstyles. The other uses the Nanea sculpt. 

Their graphic T-shirts are better visible in this close-up.

Dressed identically, their white T-shirts read "Stay True to the Real You." These words are written on a white star and surrounded by four smaller stars. They wear denim Capri pants and turquoise flat slippers that have a molded bow at the toe.

With the deepest complexion of the three, this doll has straight brown hair styled in two ponytails. View her on Zulily here.

This medium complexioned-girl has brown rooted hair styled in a side ponytail with curly ends. View her on Zulily here.

The Nanea sculpted girl has the lightest complexion of the three. Her darker brunette hair is styled in a low ponytail with straight ends. View her on Zulily here.

Priced $12.99 each, they are available on Zulily. Either one or all are perfect for larger dolls to hold. They also make great gifts. 


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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