Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Doll Gift: Norah Wellings Boy

Norah Wellings 11-inch Islander ZuZu boy circa 1929

Last year, in one of my Facebook groups, the administrator shared a photo of her Norah Wellings ZuZu boy that is documented in the Norah Wellings 1929 catalog. I expressed my desire to own a Norah Wellings boy because, until recently, I only had girls.

A few months later, I received an email from a woman who desired to find a new home for her dear mother-in-law's Norah Wellings doll. After contacting me and sharing photos, she had to look no further.

Full view of my doll identified as an Islander ZuZu boy by Norah Wellings illustrates the intact cloth tag on the doll's left foot that reads MADE IN ENGLAND/BY/NORAH WELLINGS.

My ZuZu boy has a brown curly mohair wig, brown glass side-glancing eyes, painted lips and teeth, brown velveteen head, arms, and legs, and wears gold velveteen suspender pants that are sewn onto his body. There is one pearlized white button at the front end of each suspender and two are on the sides of his pants.
One pant leg, unfortunately, is stained.

He arrived with a stain on one of his pant legs that I could not remove, so I added temporary felt pockets, one on each leg. 

I wanted orange pockets, but I did not have orange felt available. The tan felt pockets are temporarily applied with double-sided tape.

He arrived from Wellesley, MA with a beautiful handwritten note dated December 5, 2020, that reads:

Dear Debbie,
Thank you for adopting my mother-in-law's Norah Wellings doll. We know little about its history. My mother-in-law recalls that it was her mother's, as she had quite a doll collection. Other than that, we know nothing...

Please enjoy the doll with our compliments.


The xxxx Family.

P.S. Hope this note finds you, your family, loved ones, and friends safe and healthy.
From L-R: Circa 1930s 14-inch Norah Wellings Dudu #119 Islander, 11-inch Islander ZuZu circa 1929, circa 1940s 14-inch Norah Wellings doll with painted eyes, and a circa 1930s 14-inch Norah Wellings Nassau, Bahamas souvenir doll.

My ZuZu boy fits in quite nicely with the girls who have all welcomed him with open arms. 

Much gratitude to ZuZu's previous family for their kindness.


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