Monday, January 11, 2021

Redressed and New Dolls

Redressed Family Dollar Fashion Dolls

Happy Second Week of January 2021! I pray this week will be better than last week!

All my Christmas decorations are stored (I actually began taking them down on December 26th). The few dolls that I redressed for Christmas now wear their original clothes or something non-Christmassy. The two Creatable World dolls are back in their boxes in their underwear, and their Christmas sweaters have been stored with the rest of the Christmas sweater ornaments.

The two dolls in the first photo, found at Family Dollar in December 2020, had been dressed in Christmas sweater ornaments and leggings as seen here. The Fresh Dolls fashions they wear now (Sleek Snake Print Dress and Ring My Bell Sleeve Cocktail dress) fit them quite well. 

Fashionista #82 as Mrs. Santa

In December 2020, I participated in a Mrs. Santa doll redressing event where I was to redress a doll as Mrs. Santa. I chose to redress Fashionista 82 as a fierce and fabulous Mrs. Santa as seen above. 

Mrs. Santa bore gifts -- a wrapped gift for a boy and an unwrapped doll for a girl.

Mrs. Santa held a wrapped package in one hand and a doll in the other. No red matronly-looking Christmas fashion would ever do for her. 

Fashionista #82 after Christmas

After completing her Mrs. Santa duties, Fashionista #82 (Bea) now wears one of her favorite fashions -- the Reproduction of Barbie Matinee Fashion #1640, as shown above. She also wears a wig that I made for her using my mother's hair.

New Dolls

Fashionista #162 is on an unarticulated body. He has rooted curly brown hair on the top and a painted "fade" on the sides. He wears a multicolored knit top and multicolored cotton-blend shorts with yellow low-top sneakers.

Fashionista 162 is one of the last doll purchases I made in 2020. I ordered two because he had been difficult to find at the regular price of $9.99. Some folks were delusionally asking $25 for this doll, even on Amazon. Finally, Amazon replenished their own stock with a retail price of $9.99. He wasn't available to ship at the time I ordered in late December, but I didn't mind waiting the couple of weeks it took for them to ship. I refuse to pay scalper's prices for dolls that are still on the market. I know how and do not mind waiting for stock to replenish. One of these will eventually be redressed in more appropriate clothes. 

By the way, I knew his face looked familiar. It is a variation of Zig and Zag Barbie's head sculpt as confirmed here.

I received the following dolls and ornament as Christmas gifts.

I was asked by a friend what was on my Christmas list and I told her the Mattel 75th Anniversary Barbie was the only doll I desired at the time. She came through. (Thank you DR!)

I always receive the current Holiday Barbie ornament from the same friend who purchased the 75th Anniversary Mattel Barbie. This year, she sent the 2020 Holiday Barbie ornament that I photographed temporarily outside the box. It is back in the box now.

This is a close-up of the 2020 Holiday Barbie ornament. Mattel did a good job with this one.

Last but not least, I was surprised with a 13-1/2 inch Paola Reina Asian doll whose complexion places her into the ethnic category of Blasian in my collection. 

Maylin by Paola Reina

I will photograph Maylin later with other dolls made by Paola Reina in a separate post where she will be fully described. Thank you again, BA.

I will create separate posts of my last 2020 doll purchases to include one doll that was sent to me by a stranger and as of this writing, I have already made three doll purchases for 2021! I am not making a resolution, but I know my doll spending will be on a steady decline this year and in the years to come. 

All things considered, I hope your year is off to a great start. 


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