Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Smaller 1950s Hard Plastic Doll Made in Italy

This 13-inch unmarked hard plastic doll was made in Italy in the 1950s.

Initially, I thought this unmarked 1950s hard plastic doll made in Italy was the doll I had been seeking for over a year. She, however, is dressed differently and is about five inches shorter than the other doll.

She has blue sleep eyes, has one of her gold hoop earrings, and wears a floral necklace.

This doll has a short black mohair wig, blue sleep eyes with upper eyelashes, wears one gold earring (the other is missing), and wears a necklace of fabric flowers.

More of her floral necklace is illustrated here.

Her original dress has a strapless gray bodice attached to a pleated red-white-and-blue polka dot skirt that has a hemline of blue fringe.

She posed for more photos. The looseness of her arm joint is visible here.



She arrived with issues. Her joints are loose and she had raised lighter brown imperfections on the backs and inner areas of her lower legs. Not an imperfection, but her feet were bare. I corrected the leg imperfections and made a pair of ribbon sandals for her.

Leg Imperfections and Sandals

I wasn't able to determine what these raised imperfections were. The seller described them as a manufacturer's flaw. They looked like dried glue to me.

The inner leg imperfections and some white spots, perhaps unpainted areas, are visible in this photograph.

Before deciding to repair the imperfections, I made a pair of sole-less sandals with red grosgrain ribbon, as illustrated above and next.

The full-length view wearing the ribbon sandals illustrates the color mismatch between the sandals and the dark red of her skirt.

The leg imperfections were a bother. So, I sanded those areas down and painted the sanded areas with nutmeg brown acrylic paint.

The back of the legs has now been sanded and repainted.

The imperfections that were on the front of the legs have been sanded and painted over.

The ribbon sandals are darker and better match the skirt of the dress.

Before and After Pictures

The back of the legs is shown before and after the imperfections were corrected.

The sandal color is shown before and after the ribbons were painted to match the skirt. Yes, I painted the ribbons.

All Better Now
Except for the loose arm joints, she is all better.

She now has an even color to her legs and the ribbon sandals match the color of the skirt of her dress.

Below, she poses with other 1950s hard plastic dolls made in Italy that arrived previously.

In this photo, the 13-inch doll poses with a 16-inch hula doll made in 1957 by Furga.

In this final photo are the 13-inch hard plastic doll, the 16-inch hula doll by Furga, and a 17-inch blue-eyed unmarked hula doll made in Italy.

I haven't found the 14-inch doll that led to the acquisition of these dolls, but I have found one made by the same company that I didn't know existed. Stay tuned.

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