Monday, January 4, 2021

1957 Hula Doll by Furga With Box

This 1957 hard plastic Hula doll by Furga is 16 inches tall.

My interest in hard plastic dolls made in Italy began a couple of years ago after seeing and regretfully not purchasing a certain doll that was offered on eBay. I have since added to my collection this similar doll and a couple of other hard plastic brown-complexioned dolls from the 1950s that were made in Italy by known and unknown manufacturers. This doll arrived in late May of last year.

As seen in one of the seller's auction photos, this lovely doll arrived with the original box.

Appearing to never have been displayed, she is in pristine condition and has her complete original box.

In another seller-photo, the box confirms the doll's manufacturer as Furga and the year of manufacture as 1957.

One end of the box is labeled, Furga, Made in Italy, 42, Hula, and "1957" are handwritten in the corner of the label area. The number 42 is probably the style or stock number.

Her face maintains the original color to the cheeks and mouth. All eyelashes are intact on her sleep eyes.

She has hazel sleep eyes with applied upper eyelashes. Her short black curly hair is rooted into a wig cap. A red ribbon (that the hair conceals) is wrapped around the crown of the head. She wears a choker adorned with cloth flowers.

This photo illustrates her multicolored raffia skirt and her interesting lei.

She is dressed in a hula costume with an interesting lei that is adorned with carved and polished half-moon-shaped wooden adornments.

Ribbons are wrapped around her ankles and feet.

She wears a ribbon bracelet on her right wrist.

Ribbons (without attached soles) cover her feet. Her fingernails and toenails are painted a bright red to match the one-piece garment that is attached to the multicolored raffia skirt. She is shown in two final photos from side and back views.

The ribbon in her hair is visible in this photograph.

In the back of the lei, strung through a yellow rope, is a faux wooden button. The button can be used to adjust the length of the lei.

This post had been in draft mode for months while my search continued for the similar 1950s doll, mentioned above, that I regret not buying.

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