Thursday, October 14, 2021

Meet Yasmin

Yasmin is from MGA's Dream Ella line.

Yasmin is one of three dolls by MGA Entertainment in the "Dream Ella" line. Ella and Aria are the other two dolls. See all three here.

Yasmin is presented in blister packaging.

Yasmin is illustrated on the cardboard insert of the packaging. "I am a doctor" is written on the lower portion.

The back of the package reads, "Meet Aria, Yasmin, and Ella, three best friends that can be anything they dream!" 

11-1/2 inch Yasmin is a doctor dressed in a pink satin top, white leggings, and white platform-soled sneakers that accommodate her high-heel feet. She has a soft plastic gray stethoscope. 

Yasmin's legs are slightly bowed. The doll's right foot curves in some, which is probably a manufacturer's flaw. The soft vinyl of the legs and feet makes repositioning possible.

Slightly curved in foot

Yasmin's high-heel feet are much larger than Barbie's. She can wear Monster High shoes and shoes made to fit Integrity Toys Color Infusion Janay.

Yasmin has a crimped ponytail.

Yasmin's eyes are brown. She has texturized (it feels like Kanekalon), rooted black hair styled in a high ponytail, the ends of which are crimped and extend to the mid-thigh.


I recently purchased this Fresh Fashion from a Walmart Superstore — a store I had not entered in months before this visit.

The Fresh Dolls fashion is paired with shoes made to fit Monster High dolls. I purchased several identical pairs of these black high heels several years ago. Some can be painted in different colors.

Close-up of the Monster-High-size shoes

They fit her perfectly.

Yasmin tried on this Fresh Dolls dress with shoes made to fit Integrity Toys Color Infusion Janay. This dress is not very flattering on Yasmin, in my opinion. The sleeves are too long and it fits a little wide at the hips. I like it better on the doll she borrowed it from seen here.

In addition to the Fresh Dolls fashions, Yasmin tried on several different Sparkle Girlz fashions and one Barbie fashion. I was surprised that most Sparkle Girlz fashions fit Yasmin. She might become my Sparkle Girlz fashion muse. I have several Sparkle Girlz fashions that are still on the cards.

Yasmin looks cute in this one-piece top and shorts romper worn with her own shoes. The top is supposed to have a blouson fit, but Yasmin must be slightly taller than the Sparkle Girlz dolls.

The same fashion is worn with the Monster-High-size shoes.

I really like the overall look of this dress on Yasmin.

The top of this two-piece shorts set fits well. The shorts are a bit too low cut and expose Yasmin's mock panty-line.

I guess Yasmin's hips and derriรจre are wider/larger than Sparkle Girlz'. She can still wear this since her hair covers the back.

A full-length photo of the same fashion from the back

Wait, what? No, this isn't Yasmin. While going through my fashion doll clothing stash, I found this skirt for The Looks Barbie Model #2 to try on. She's wearing it now temporarily with her black catsuit, a new pair of silver earrings, and a pair of black mules.

Back to Yasmin's Redressing
This Sparkle Girlz coral dress is an okay fit.

Yasmin models a denim Barbie fashion. The pants are a bit wide at the hips on Yasmin.

Yasmin chose to wear the green partial sweater dress. I pierced her ears.

Using quilting pins inserted diagonally to avoid piercing the sides of her face, Yasmin's ears were pierced.

With the pins still in her ears but pulled down, I painted the light blue "studs" green to match Yasmin's dress. In this photo, after they were painted, the pins were allowed to dry before they were fully inserted. 

Yasmin is temporarily on display on my desk with similar-size dolls.

As a collector of Barbie clones and competitors, at $8.99 with Amazon Prime shipping, I added Dream Ella Yasmin to the mix. She's a "pretty" cheap fashion-doll thrill.


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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