Sunday, October 10, 2021

New Sindy Dolls

Fashion Blogger Sindy, as the doll is called, is new for 2021. The box name reads, Fashion Store Sindy.

Click or tap to view an Instagram video on the Sindyplayofficial Instagram page.

See the entire "playline" dolls at this link

The only buying sources I have found at this time are in the UK. Of course, if you don’t mind paying more than retail, there is always eBay. I saw actual photos of the doll there. The complexion is several shades lighter than the prototype, advertised doll’s, which might be disappointing to some.

I posted the above question to the Sindyplayofficial page on Instagram. Their reply is noted above.

I will update this post if and when I find a US retail buying source. If you know a reputable seller who sells at retail, please share their contact information in a comment. Thank you!


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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