Sunday, April 10, 2022

Changed Settings Updated

At the time I am drafting this post, I have not received a reply from (the company that hosts the domain, in response to my complaint about's bot scraping my blog posts. was contacted first; they told me to write because hosts the domain and they ( are not "directly" responsible for the content published on the website. 

No one is taking ownership.

Meanwhile, I went into the Blogger settings to disable RSS feeds as an attempt to prevent my blog posts from automatically feeding into other sites (legitimately and illegitimately). I am writing this post to see if it is shared under the More link to the Blog page on my website and on my author's page on where I previously had all posts automatically shared.

Here's hoping the setting changes (outlined in the image above) will prevent this and future posts from being automatically shared without my permission. If this workaround prevents sites like from publishing my content as if it is their own, I don't mind disabling the automatic shares I had in place. 

Update: I just checked. Even with the disabled RSS feed, this post still feeds into other sites.😞*

I only checked my web site at the time I wrote the above updated paragraph. By disabling RSS feeds, my posts are no longer feeding onto the culprit website. They are feeding onto my website but with an error if the post has a break jump. The posts are not feeding on my Amazon author page.

My next post will not include a break jump to test if it feeds onto the website properly.

I will continue to update this post until a full resolution is met (meaning I get my other posts removed from the culprit website).


(My blog posts are automatically shared on my website and my Amazon author's page. Links are copied to Pinterest, on the Facebook page of this blog, and sometimes in Facebook doll groups. If this post is read on any other website where it appears that the website administrator or editor is the author, it has been illegally published.)

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april_n_paris said...

Thank you Debbie for all of your hard work. I was out of town for three weeks and couldn't address this problem. But now that I'm back, the first thing I did was to post something on my page to alert others. I put two links back to your blog so that the readers have a more detailed view of what you have done to try and combat these thieves. While I was away, I tried researching what could be done, but ended up on sites with tech talk I could not understand. In any case, after posting my alert, I then adjusted my settings based on your recommendations. So here's hoping it makes it harder for them and other web thieves.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

For a while, a day or two, the site was taken down. I believe it was taken down as a result of the abuse reports sent to the domain provider about the bot scraping. I sent email complaints to both of the following email addresses with URLs to a couple of my original posts that the site had copied along with the URLs to the copied posts at the culprit site. and

The site is back up now and continuing to do the same thing (copying a multitude of other peoples' posts), but my blog posts are no longer being bot scraped. It is either the setting changes I made or because I was one of the bloggers who reported the site that is protecting my material. I believe it is the latter.

I even saw a post from Van's Doll Treasures and if you knew Vanessa, you know that she is deceased. The post I read of hers indicates it was published on the site four months ago. Shameful!

Here's hoping that the adjustments you've made will prevent the site from scraping your future posts.


monstercrafts said...

Hello! It's been brought to my attention by Ms. Leo that my blog was copied too. Then thanks to FDS I found your posts on the subject. First, let me thank you for providing a guide on what to do, as I did have no clue.
I did try to do what you recommended, but it wouldn't allow me to reply to comments individualy, so I've tried with "personalized feed" and then just allow feed of the first paragraph, which usually says something like "I can't believe it's May already" and then allow feed of the comments. It was the only way I could make it work. I have a new post coming out tomorrow, so we'll see if that works.
I don't know if I should try writting to blogger support, which is owned by Google, to see if them, a million dollar company, can take that site down.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Hello monstercrafts,
You can also write the domain provider and let them know your posts are being copied to a site they host. Provide the site’s web address (, the URL to at least two of your original blog posts, and the URLs to the copied posts as proof. Request that all your posts be removed immediately and/or the site taken down.

Send the emails to: and

Good luck! There is strength in numbers.