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Straight and Narrow Neema

Straight and Narrow Neema by Robert Tonner is a 2022 Virtual Doll Convention Better Together Pop-up event exclusive.

Straight and Narrow (S&N) Neema is just as lovely as the counter images shared by Robert Tonner in a YouTube Video in February of this year. In a collaboration with Rachel Hoffman, the doll was sold at the 2022 Virtual Doll Convention (VDC). I had my mind set on ordering this version after viewing Tonner's video of the four Neemas that would be introduced at the convention. I thought to myself, limited edition or not, I'm going to get that doll! So I named her and claimed her as mine the moment I saw her.

Her beauty rivals Life's a Beach Neema's, but it was the braids that won me over.

Her packaged red boots and doll stand were attached to the box liner.

The poem card has an illustration of S&N Neema.

After Neema arrived, I took several pictures and recorded her details in my Excel doll inventory workbook. Some of the workbook information is copied below:

Description: Straight and Narrow Neema is 1 of 4 Neemas offered exclusively at the 2022 Virtual Doll Convention Better Together Pop-up Event. This 16-inch all-vinyl articulated fashion doll has six squared-off rooted dark-brown braids (the front two are wired), dark brown painted eyes with applied upper eyelashes, and a closed pouty mouth with coral lip color on full lips. S&N Neema wears a coral cotton-knit jumper, and a light pink long-sleeved turtleneck bodysuit. Accessories include fire-engine red high-heel, lace-up boots, and big gold-tone hoop earrings for her pre-pierced ears. In addition to the five usual areas of articulation, S&N Neema is articulated underneath the breast area, at the elbows, wrists, and knees. A poem card, an Ellowyne Wilde wrist tag, and a doll stand are included.

Other: Made in a limited edition of 150 dolls and sold exclusively at the 2022 Virtual Doll Convention on August 27, 2022, at 6 p.m. Mountain Time, Straight and Narrow Neema sold out within 24 hours! My order was placed at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time!

Neema's Photos continued (she posed for several!)
I used a thumbtack to finish piercing Neema's ears before putting in the gold-tone hoop earrings, which would not go in before I did this.

The gold-tone hoops inserted easily after I enlarged the earlobe holes.

She struck her first "free-from-the-box" pose.

Another pose

I removed the jumper to examine the pink bodysuit and Neema continued posing.

Neema's two front-wired braids were fashioned into a bow. As illustrated here, the jumper can be worn with or without the bodysuit.

One strap of the jumper fell as I was photographing her, so I left it off her shoulder.

The other four braids are not wired.

Upon arrival, the buckles of Neema's jumper straps were in the back instead of the front. I left them in the back until the last pictures were taken.

With the bodysuit back on and the buckles of the jumper straps moved to the front, posing resumed.

Next, I created flat knots with the two wired braids.

I could tell that she preferred the knotted braids.

We went outside and took additional pictures in the sunlight.

Isn't she gorgeous?

She's a deep thinker.

Back inside, Straight and Narrow Neema was placed on display with Life's a Beach Neema and the six Lizette dolls that preceded them.

S&N Neema is with her BFF LaB Neema and six different Lizettes (along with a few others).

A  closer view of the crew reveals the fearless and fashionable leader.


As I was editing these pictures, I noticed how similar the shape of S&N Neema's lips are to Diana Ross's. Neema's lips are fuller, but the shape is very similar as illustrated in the last photo with a vintage photo of Diana Ross inserted. 

Diana Ross and S&N Neema

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