Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Life's a Beach Neema by Robert Tonner a 2022 VDC Exclusive

The shipping box of Life's a Beach Neema includes the doll's style number.

As announced in a previous blog post, four new 16-inch fashion dolls by Robert Tonner named Neema would be offered at the 2022 Virtual Doll Convention (VDC) Better Together Pop-up Event. Neema is a new edition to the Ellowyne Wilde line. Four versions were, in fact, offered in ultra-limited editions.

Because I felt the dolls would sell out quickly (and they did, within 24 hours with Life's a Beach Neema achieving a record sellout time of under 10 minutes!), I sat at my computer with my browser open on the URL of the VDC page so I could order my desired doll. I kept refreshing the page until the sale commenced at 6 p.m. Mountain Time on August 27th. I was swift! My first order was confirmed at 6:00 p.m. MDT.

Life's a Beach Neema offers a sneak peek.

There was only one Neema that I had my eyes on initially, but I ended up purchasing two. This blog post and the attached video feature Life's a Beach Neema. (I had no plans of ordering this doll, but in the spur of the heated moment after completing the order for the one I really desired, I went back and snatched up this girl at 6:01 p.m MDT!) She arrived a day before the Neema that I ordered first because all single orders for this doll were processed first.

She is absolutely gorgeous!

View Life's a Beach Neema's presentation in the following video. A separate post about my other Neema will follow.

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