Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Naturalistas Peety and Penny

Walmart exclusives Naturalistas Peety and Penny are from the Pixie Puff Collection

Actual photos of my still boxed dolls.

Sold only at Walmart, I ordered Pixie Puff Collection Naturalistas Peety and Penny online after viewing other collectors' online pictures. Their store-exclusive status justified the purchase. They are described by Walmart as standing only 11 inches tall, which was another reason for the purchase. 

Their details are as follows:

Peety: 11-inch vinyl doll, medium-brown complexion has a huge, side-parted 4C Afro accented with a lavender butterfly clip; dressed in a short-sleeved lavender "Naturalistas" midriff top with a matching mini skirt; has a lavender crossbody bag. Lavender high-top sneakers are attached to the box liner.

Peety's two-piece fashion, crossbody purse, and sneakers are illustrated.

Peety's bio is included on the back of the box where a better headshot illustrates her butterfly-clip-accented huge side-parted Afro.

Penny: 11-inch vinyl doll with 4C Afro puff, light complexion, wears a lavender tie-dye long-sleeved "Naturalistas" top, matching shorts, a pink crossbody purse, and plastic silver hoop earrings. Wedge high-heel sandals are attached to the box liner. 

Penny's two-piece tie-dye fashion, crossbody purse, and sandals are illustrated.

Penny's bio is included on the back of the box where a headshot better illustrates her Afro puff.

Naturalistas Fashion and Accessory Pack

While shopping online at Walmart, I added the Coffee Casual fashion to my purchase, which is not sold only at Walmart, but it was available and I like it. By adding it to the cart, the order shipped free. It is illustrated and described below.

Naturalistas Coffee Casual fashion pack

Designed to fit the 11- to 11-1/2-inch Naturalistas, this stylish light tan athleisure outfit and accessories set comes with a Naturalistas “N” logo 1-shoulder crop top, matching cargo pants, pink high tops, Naturalistas crossbody tote, sunglasses, stacked gold bracelets, cell phone, and a cup of coffee.

I'd like to purchase the Culture Awards fashion pack (see link below). I did not see it or maybe I overlooked it when these dolls and fashion pack were ordered. I'm not interested in the Wash Day fashion. 

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  1. A boy you should add to your collection is Brad from S Club 7 dolls.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Nicholas. If I find one reasonably priced, I'll add him to the collection.



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