Thursday, June 9, 2016

Honey is Her Name!

Curly Girls United
As a memory refresher, the 18-inch Curly Girls United dolls, shown above, were introduced by Brand Manager Margaret Fitzpatrick, in a guest post that can be read here.  As a result of that post, I added the blonde Curly Girls United (CGU) doll to my doll family.

Close-up of the doll I chose and named, Honey.
In the midst of writing my post about my CGU doll, I named her Honey.  At the time of the guest post and my post to introduce my doll, Kayla (the CGU doll with the deepest complexion) was the only one with an official name.

On June 8, 2016, I received the following email from Ms. Fitzpatrick that made me smile from ear to ear:

Subject:  Honey is her name!

Hi Debbie,
We had such positive response to the idea of naming our blonde doll Honey that we have made it official. I hope you do not mind that we used your inspiration and gave her that name. It just really does fit.
Thanks again for your help,
MargaretBrand Manager
Brown Eyed Dolls/ Curly Girls United Dolls

Woo hoo, "I thought."  Of course, I am pleased to have inspired the naming of their doll.  The Curly Girls United dolls and their official names can be seen and/or purchased here.

(I am still smiling.)



  1. You did pick the perfect name for her:D

  2. Look at you changing the industry!... or getting dolls named, lol.

  3. Honey is a wonderful name for her! Congratulations Debbie!

  4. Maricha, Muff, and Roxanne, thanks!

    One step at a time, Muff; one step (or doll) at a time.


  5. That is awesome Debbie!!! Congratulations! Honey is the perfect name for her. :-)

  6. That's fantastic! Honey really suits her.

  7. GG and Tammy,

    Thank you! (I think the name suits her, too.)



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