Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Collection Red Model 08

I've been visiting Target almost weekly in an attempt to purchase this store exclusive.  Barbie Basics Model No. 08 from Collection Red was finally in stock yesterday.  Excited to find her, I grabbed the box, taking claim of "my doll" before inspecting the remaining stock.  The other two models in this collection were plentiful - the blonde (more of her) and the brunette (fewer, but more than one of her).  The one I purchased was the only Model 08 in stock.  

I exhaled and contemplated purchasing the accessory pack, but left it behind as there are only a couple of pieces in the pack that interest me. 

08's caramel complexion is complemented by her golden blonde curly 'fro. 
Deboxing is definitely in order.

With her purchase, I have one down and two point oh! to go: 

2011 Barbie Basics 2.0, that is:

Barbie Basics Collection 2.0, Model 08 and Model 17, the it's-about-time-Mattel-made-a-new-African-American-Ken-head sculpt!, are at the top of my wish list.  They are scheduled for release late Fall 2010.  Inhaling again...




  1. I am waiting for the new 2.0 #17 but sadly I don't think it is a new face mold. I think it is something that mattel has only done once before. I think he is the Jacob "Jake" Black doll in "black face". I believe that is the face that they used and not a new black face mold. They did that only once before with an adult male doll and that was with the Happy Family dad. The Jacob "Jake" Black face wasn't a good likeness of the actor. The doll looked more like a man that a young man. I do think that we will make a good looking AA doll. It looks like they did a good paint job on him. I do wish he was on a Harley Davison male body!

    They have never made a todd size AA male to add to the Barbie family.

  2. Thanks for the clarification on the new-to-me AA Ken, Ms. Leo.

    A new Todd-sized AA doll with a different head sculpt would be nice.


  3. I wondered when Mattel made the Jacob doll when they would use it for an AA doll. Neat. A new AA face anyway.

    I want that Target Red Model 08, too, DBG. Thanks for sharing your photo and news.

  4. The model 08 is pretty sassy. Love the red.

  5. Hey, I saw this guy on flickr. It was done by an OOAk artist but I wish Mattel made him!


  6. The artist did a wonderful job! It would be nice if Mattel would manufacture one of these for us. Thanks for sharing the link, Ms. Leo.



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