Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Franklin Mint's Michelle Obama Official White House Portrait Doll - Amended

Mr. Paul Knoll, an account executive with The Franklin Mint (FM), who works with the wholesale team and very closely with FM's product development teams, shared images of the 16-inch, Michelle Obama Official White House Vinyl Portrait Doll. With Mr. Knoll's permission, I am delighted to share the images and ordering information here.

Michelle Obama Official White House Vinyl Portrait Doll

Many will agree that this lovely doll exudes grace and style while adequately capturing First Lady Obama's likeness.  They will also stand in agreement that the authentically styled wig and Official White House Portrait ensemble (black sheath, double-stranded faux pearl necklace, earrings, watch, and black pumps) embody First Lady Obama's elegant style.  (All accessories are removable.)

Available in a worldwide limited edition of 9000, with the first dolls scheduled to arrive in late November 2010, the doll retails for $195 plus $16.95 shipping and applicable taxes.  A choice of three monthly installments of $65 plus shipping and applicable taxes is available.  Ordering has commenced at the Franklin Mint website.

Those interested in wholesale preorders may contact Mr. Paul Knoll either by phone (610) 884-4622 or by email.

Additional costumes are planned at $90 each plus shipping and applicable taxes. See these in the next two images.  (Click images to open up larger versions in a new window.)

Extra costume

Extra yellow dress

Photographs courtesy of Mr. Paul Knoll of The Franklin Mint

With the purchase of the Michelle Obama doll, FM will offer for a limited time only a free Eyewitness to History Newspaper Collection - Ltd. Ed. (a $90 value)!  The website will include this information by the end of the week.


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  1. I'm really impressed!

    Does the First Lady have baby hair? :)

  2. The doll has that shadowing of "baby hair," but as we know the real First Lady does not.


  3. I'm tickled at how EVERY dress is sleeveless. That is such a Michelle-ism. They did a nice job with the prototype and hopefully the actual dolls will be just as lovely. Nice!

  4. Hi Hugs, I haven't had time to research the two additional outfits or ask Mr. Knoll, but I believe they replicate dresses that FL Obama has actually worn. The black and white dress is vaguely familiar. The dress worn by the actual doll is a replica of the dress FL Obama wore in her Official White House Portrait.


  5. The hands on this doll make the dolls from the others look like a toy.

  6. More Info on upcoming FM costumes for their Michelle Obama doll:

    The black and ivory silk satin tuxedo tank dress by Isabel Toledo was topped off with a black cardigan sweater at Buckingham Palace during a meeting with Queen Elizabeth in April 2009.

    FLMO wore the chartreuse (golden-yellow)sheath designed by Jason Wu during a Mexico trip in April 2010.


  7. You always hope that everyone does her justice and the Mint did!

  8. She is gorgeous, the best rendition that I've seen! Debbie, check out my blog when you get a chance, I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award for all of the great information that you provide to the doll community!

  9. Thanks so much, Margaret! I am honored.

    Ms. Leo - Yes, I do believe The Mint did FLMO justice.



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  11. Has anyone received the FM Michelle Obama Doll yet? Please post some pics as they have shipped. Quick turnaround time for sure.


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