Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who Am I - Doll from Ireland?

What I know about this doll is that it is a full-body composition doll with spring joints and an astrakhan wig, circa 1930s-1940s with a working "ma-ma" voice box or crier, probably sold and possibly made in Ireland.  It does not have manufacturer's marks, which makes it difficult to trace it to a specific doll maker.  The current owner has allowed me to share her query and images about the doll here.  They are as follows:


This is my moms doll. she named her 'Pamela'. she gave it to me when i was a teenager. Im trying to identify it.

She is over 55+yr old.
She is made of what i can say hard plastic? black. Lips are painted on pink.
Her eyes open + close.
When you lay her down she 'cries'.
Her hair (as you can see by pic) is a 'rug like' piece glued on.
She has her original shoes/socks+pants her dress is new (12yrs old) not her original.
On bottom of shoes it says "Cinderella #3".
She is hollow inside.
Her arms/legs move with what looks like springs/hinges?!.
I would love to know what type doll she is. what year or approx yr around she was made.

Thank you,

If anyone can add additional information about this doll or a doll of this type, feel free to post a comment.  Thanks!
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    I have a jane doe or a Who am I?

  2. Annette Jennings -- Your doll is a 1950s rubber doll made in Canada, similar to the more popular Tod-L dolls made by Sun Rubber Company during the same time period. I have one like yours that I found on eBay several years ago for around $10. It is very difficult to ID unmarked dolls, but I believe your doll is included in The Charlton Price Guide to Canadian Dolls by Evelyn Strahlendorf.



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