Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Man in the Blue Suit

I ordered this blue suit from an eBay seller for my TrueType Obama figure.  It included shirt, tie, socks and shoes. The quality is nice (even though the shirt and pants have Velcro closure). There are no loose or dangling threads, missed stitches, or other irregularities that I could find.

The coat is lined.  The pants and shirt wear well without it. The nylon black socks fit his feet and the shoes were easy to put on without unlacing. I prefer leather (or believable pleather) shoes over the patent-leather (PL) ones that came with the suit because PL shoes on men just don't work for me.

I've given the seller positive feedback.

"The man" is joined by his First Lady, who now wears her original little black dress with the addition of a scarf to mask the plunging neckline.

dbg ◦


  1. The suit looks like the Trump suit. He does cut a fine figure in the suit! I love that the First Lady is slightly sexy without being over exposed. Great Job!

  2. I was just wondering since I have the President too, how much playing with him can we do and still be respectful. I don't think we can have he do anything crazy. For me, he was one doll that I wasn't going to show nude. What are your thoughts?

  3. I agree. I don't intend to portray him in any other roles, scenes, or fashions that I don't think he would actually find himself in or wear. Perhaps playing basketball (which we know he likes doing) would be about the only thing that I'd have him do. Since I only have the two outfits for him (casual shirt/jeans and now the suit), I have no plans to purchase additional clothing for him.


  4. Yeah you are right, I will need to get him a jean and tee shirt outfit. Something for when he is doing service proprojects like painting. Like the one he did not long after taking office. I am thinking about getting an AA Janet and Stacy to round out the family and maybe Happy Family Grandma. He He!

  5. Great idea, Ms. Leo, to use Stacey and Janet for the girls. I was thinking Skipper and Janet and just commented elsewhere how much the real girls have grown. Ty's Lil Ones need to be replaced with larger dolls, especially for Malia, who is as tall as her mother.

    Good luck in finding casual gear.

    Do blog your redress and/or the addition of the girls and First Grandmother.



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