Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Long Awaited Paper Doll Book +Confession

Approximatey two years ago, I began a diligent online search for the Crissy and Velvet Paper Dolls book by Whitman, © 1971.  Finally, I found an unpunched book complete with intact "Change-a-Hairdo-Wheel" at a price I was willing to pay.  I cannot count the amount of times I was outbid on eBay for this paper doll book or the amount of times I gasped at a seller's hopeful astronomical price.

The unpunched, psychedelic-colored mini-to-maxi length fashions are so reminiscent of 1970s attire.  As I flipped through the pages of my new find, the knee-length vest worn over a turtleneck sweater with bell-bottom pants, knee-high lace-up boots, poncho; and oversized, round, rose-tinted shades or "nodders" (as we used to call them) enhanced my visual trip back down memory lane.

It feels good to remove a long sought-after item from my wish list and to have paid a few dollars less than the maximum I was willing to pay.

This paper doll book complements my collection of three-dimensional Crissy family dolls.  Most can be seen and read about here.

Confession:  I left this blog in draft mode with intentions to publish later.  This paragraph and the text that follows is an edit to the original draft.  After photographing the paper doll book, entering the information about its purchase on my Excel spreadsheet, and finally placing the book in the file cabinet where my other paper doll books are stored, I saw the edge of a paper doll book that looks identical to this one!  Guess what?  I already had the Crissy and Velvet Paper Dolls book!  The first one was purchased in August, only two months ago!  I reopened my Excel spread sheet, filtered the columns, and found the entry for the original book, which is almost identical to what I wrote about the second one:

Image of filtered Excel 2010 Doll Inventory spreadsheet

Obviously after receiving the first book, I did not flip through its colorful pages.  I did not take a trip back down memory lane.  I must have only documented the purchase and stored it.  This duplicate purchase is irrefutable proof that I need to slow my buying roll/role and that my long-term memory is better than my short-term memory.

Has this ever happened to you... I mean, have you ever unintentionally duplicated a doll purchase?


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  1. I used to want a Tara doll, but I couldn't find her when I looked for her. I had a white Crissy, Kerry, 2 Mias, and Cinnamon. My favorite was Kerry. She had blond hair and green eyes. I liked her profile. The Crissy dolls are the only inset-eyed dolls that do not creep me out.

  2. Pleaseeeeeee! How many times??? I've even bought the same item 3 times. Sometimes I have copies of my worksheet with me, but overlook the item because I have it recorded differently than I thought.

  3. Oh and THANKS for this article and for the link to DOLLS IN THE SPOTLIGHT. I don't actively collect the larger dolls anymore, but this article brought back memories of Christmases past ;-)

  4. This is hilarious. I don't have the double doll buying disease (DDBD) yet! LOL! Glad you have one to play with and one to keep!

  5. This blog entry ended differently than I thought it would. LOL! No, I've never unintentionally made duplicate purchases (yet), but it is cool that you have one to play with and one to keep. I was happy to see that you were able to find your long sought-after item after a couple of years. Gives me hope that I'll finally find some of my wish list items for a price that I'm willing to pay.

  6. Yes, I have purchased duplicate paper dolls by mistake, last one only two weeks ago. I think "ALL" avid collectors do it. I also do it with my bears. It's the excitement of seeing a low price, gets you every time!! I love you Excel spreadsheet idea. If I ever get the time, I might do mine that way. Happy Collecting!!


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