Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alexis in New Wig, Liv'n Hip

Striking a pose, in a gathering with friends, Liv's Alexis wears her original outfit and her original long wig in the above image.

She now has a new red wig that has a side ponytail (purchased from Wal-Mart last week). 

It was also last week when I saw the Liv'n Hip outfit at Target, but decided against buying it until another trip to Target led me to browse the toy aisle this week.  Today I took time to redress Alexis.

The oh-so 70s style, Liv'n Hip fashion includes a turquoise and white tie-dye-look tunic/dress with macramé bodice, turquoise macramé  shawl, gold tone and faux jeweled choker, gold tone butterfly bangle, turquoise handbag, cut-off jeans complete with fringed hem, and brown moccasins.  To me the outfit looks better in the package than it does on Alexis (I like her in her original outfit better).  But I guess with time it will grow on me.  The new wig did.

Alexis poses in her new wig and outfit (minus the choker) with Bijou, who was redressed a few weeks ago in several separates that belong to other dolls.

What do you think?  Which wig and outfit do you like best on Alexis?


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  1. I like Alexis in her original outfit and wig better. I do like her new wig and outfit, though.

  2. For some reason I can barely allow myself to look at the LIV dolls. But I do like the red wig. I just had to look quickly. LOL

  3. Roxanne -- Thanks for commenting.

    Hugs -- LOL! It's probably their eyes (which tend to look crossed) and their oversized heads that bother you. Trust me, Alexis will be my one and only Liv doll.


  4. Okay, this won't be a first from me, but I like Alexis in her original outfit and wig better, too. (Hey, not copying here, I like Alexis's outfit best.)

    Hugs, when I get my Liv dolls, I am popping off those heads. I look at the bodies and think about the poseable bodies for Barbies, etc.

    Dana the HeadSwapper, Har, Har!

  5. @ DGB You are right. It is the combo of the head and eyes that are somewhat odd to me.

    @D7ana That is an excellent idea! :) You are putting together your own special doll with the best parts of everything that you like. Smart! Dolls by D7ana


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