Friday, October 15, 2010

New Article at and Upcoming Show

Please follow this link to read an article I recently shared with 

Thank you, again, to the parents and grandparents who allowed me to profile their "little collectors" for the article.


The International Black Doll and Gift Show will be held next month (November 13 - 14, 2010) in Atlanta, GA.  Additional information about the show is available at the above link or here.  According to one renowned doll artist with whom I recently spoke, "Sharon Alexander's shows are first class!"


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  1. Interesting article on getting children into collecting. Nice that the kids are still interested in dolls. Both thumbs up!

  2. Thanks, D7ana! I am a firm believer that a girl is never too old to play with dolls! This should be included in the parenting handbook chapter on raising girls... oh but wait, there isn't one.


  3. Thanks for the show info. I live right here in Atl and I wasn't aware of the show. Will you be attending?


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