Saturday, October 9, 2010

(Inspired by) The Color Orange

The black catsuit and orange wet-look mini skirt worn by Mod Paris inspired me to photograph her and several other dolls that wear one of fall's most vibrant colors:  orange and various shades of it.

Grand Entrance Paris (2001) and Mod Paris (2004) by Madame Alexander

Malya (2010 Ashton-Drake from the "Hands Across the World" series) and Africa (2009 Madame Alexander)

 Four decades of play dolls:  1960 - 2005
Bottom, L-R:  Lea (1973 Shindana), Newborn Thumbelina (1971 Ideal), Baby Beans (1970 Mattel), Mini Doucette (2005 Corolle), and Chou Chou baby (2005 Zapf Creation)

Janae (2006 Laura Tuzio-Ross)

Grace Standing (2001 Jan McLean) and Alessandra (1992 Philip Heath)

 Keri (1998 Annette Himstedt)

Soul Sister (1970 Fun World Inc.), 2003 IDEX Evie Kishlet and 2005 Anjali (Helen Kish)

Orange Blossom (three versions 1982-1984 by Kenner) and Barriguitas, a mini baby by Famosa of Spain circa 1990s

(So 1990s) Honey Candi in St. Tropez fashion by Hamilton; fashion by MiKelman, I think

All dolls wear their original fashions with the exception of Anjali and Janae

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  1. You probably have a 1998 Tangerine Twist Barbie in your collection, too. She's stunning. Great orange ensemble.

    (It has to be an ensemble, "outfit" is too ordinary for that outfit ;-D)

  2. Yes, I do own Tangerine Twist, a lovely doll. She is one of several dolls that I did not include in this blog.


  3. I thought you would have her ;-D

    Great selection of orange-dressed dolls.

  4. Really nice pics. They are all so cute in their shades of orange. I wish I could make some throw pillows out of the same material that the doll's gown is made from in the top pic. Love it.

  5. They look great in their fall colors!! Thanks for sharing Debbie!

  6. Do you know if Fun World created an 8" Soul Sister doll? I recall having one, but she didn't seem as tall as the one Linda Hayes had at the 2012 IBDSS.

    Curious Dana
    Thanking you in advance ;-)

    1. Hi D7ana,

      The two Soul Sisters I own are both 8 inches. My other one is not dressed in orange, which is why she was not included in this post. What size is/was the Linda's?

      Now I'm curious!



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