Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Are You Doing with a Leroy Paper Doll?

Gene Anthony Ray as Leroy Johnson in Fame

My daughter asked this question after noticing my most recent paper doll acquisition, which was on my printer tray at the time.  It had been behind my keyboard as a reminder to enter it on my doll inventory spreadsheet.  After my 4-year-old grandson requested the use of my computer to go to ("Hurry up, Granny," he urged, after I had forgotten his earlier request), I moved the paper doll to a safer location, the printer tray, prior to entering the URL for NickJr in my browser.

Gene Anthony Ray ((May 24, 1962 – November 14, 2003) was one of the original cast members in the 1980 movie Fame and went on to star in the TV series of the same name (1982 – 1987).  Remember him here

The paper doll, according to the seller, was originally printed in a 1980s Swedish publication (Hemmets Journal).  It is precut with Swedish text on back of the doll as well as on the oh-so-80s clothing. 

What are you doing with a Leroy paper doll?  I never answered this question because I knew it was really my daughter's affirmation that she recognized who the paper doll represents. 

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  1. And he has his hands on his hips too. Very FAME-ish. (whistles the FAME theme song).

  2. I remember watching Fame the tv series. Used to love it. Artistic kids. Fun.

    I didn't know that the original Leroy had died. Sad. Cool that your daughter recognized him.


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