Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fabulous Fashions! An Inexpensive Doll Fix

As a paper doll enthusiast as well as three-dimensional doll enthusiast, I have wanted to add the Fabulous Fashion (Barbie Paper Doll Book) to my collection for several months.  It arrived yesterday.  The book includes Barbie, Theresa, and Nikki and over 150 outfits and accessories that each doll can share.

Teresa and Nikki paper dolls

I was quite amazed to find that this is truly a paper doll book with a spine width of nearly one-half inch to accommodate 64 pages of heavy card stock with colorful illustrations printed on one side of each.
Laura B.'s five-star review prompted me to order the book along with another doll-related book.  The other book did not wow me, but this inexpensive, $8.99 paper doll book did.  Published by Golden Books in 2008, it provides a very inexpensive doll fix. 


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  1. Neat. At first, I thought they had cloth outfits for plastic Barbies. Ha. Wishful thinking ;-P


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