Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Obama Family Paper Dolls by Thomas Soderberg

Based on an review, these may be for the adult collector only -- someone who does not plan to cut them out.

As an adult paper doll collector, this is the first paper doll book/set of the first family that captures the likeness of all members.  Since I will never cut the dolls or their clothing out, the thinness of the cardstock used for the dolls is not a problem for me, as it was for the reviewer, who purchased the book for a child too young to cut them out on her own.

Sold by for $14, the price included shipping. According to The Paperazzi website, this paper doll book was, "recognized as hot memorabilia by MSNBC..."

The book contains six outfits each for President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The girls have three outfits each. There is also a Bo paper doll.



  1. Thanks, Debbie - One more for my collection.

  2. These are nice! Thanks for sharing Debbie!

  3. (800) 421-5354

    Type in "Dolls" - they have some DARLING African-American, Asian & Hispanic toddler dolls. Dolls
    are 15" all vinyl with acrylic, stationary eyes.
    I hope the ACTUAL dolls are just as cute as the
    proto-types! They also have some attractive ethnic block-play people characters!

  4. Thanks Debbie! I'll have to consider these!BTW I went to the paperazzi website and had to laugh at the Christine O'Donnell paper dolls.One of the outfits is a witch's costume!!LOL!

  5. The artist of the O'Donnell paper doll definitely has a healthy sense of humor!



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