Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stacey McBride-Irby's S.I.S. Dolls Beyond 2012

It's official... as of Friday, January 28, 2011, Stacey McBride-Irby resigned her position as doll designer for Mattel. I was saddened to read about her departure this morning. The news actually reached my in-box Saturday, January 29, 2011, via an email (that I opened today) from the So In Style Fan Club email group, of which I am a member. The note assures that "She has already designed So In Style dolls through 2012, so we will still have many more surprises to look forward to in this line."  Stacey assures us of this as well in one of her tweets

I am happy that Stacey's dream job as a doll fashion designer for Mattel became her reality and that obviously her endeavors have opened a larger door of success for her. I wish her only the best.

I am left wondering, however, how will her departure from Mattel impact the So In Style doll line beyond 2012. Will the line cease? Will it continue? How will her depature affect the value of the dolls she designed? If the line continues, who will be the new designer and what quality of dolls can we expect? Questions, questions, questions.

What do you think will happen?  Please share your thoughts.


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  1. Gasp and swoon! Sorry to hear that. Yesterday, I bought 3 of her 1st sets (the only 3 left) that happened to still be on the shelf at Target. I am glad I bit the bullet and bought all 3. I have been feeling like something was going on with the S.I.S. line since before Christmas. The stores here were not restocking the shelves, even though the dolls had been sold out for at least a month. Then when the new line came out and they weren't articulated, like the other ones, I felt like Mattel was not truly being supportive of the line. I could be wrong. If the 2012 dolls aren't articulated, and they are the same sculpts, I don't know that they will sell as well as the first ones. What a shame. It was nice to have a little more variety. I wonder if they will assign another designer or just drop the line. Seems like when they have something good, they just stop it. For instance, Fashion Avenue Clothes, and Happy Family dolls and accessories.

  2. By the way, I just posted a link to this post on the Diva Dolls Chat room.

  3. This was pretty shocking news for me, too, Vanessa. Thanks for sharing the link to this blog.


  4. I just got into this line for my little girl(4). I picked up all of them for her on Xmas, now the line is gone it's like Sun-Man all over again

  5. We should all voice our concerns to Mattel now via our emails, phone calls, letters, etc., to let them know we (collectors and little girls) need the S.I.S. line of dolls to continue as well as other dolls that adequately represent African Americans (black people, in general). If we remain silent, sit back, and accept the dolls they think we will buy, that's what they will manufacture.

    Mattel's hours of operation and phone number are:

    Monday - Friday
    9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time
    6 AM to 3 PM Pacific Time

    In the US and Canada: 800-524-8697

  6. I was just wondering where what stores can I get these dolls I am looking for both male female and the kids. I am trying to build a collection to make families.

    1. The So In Style Barbie dolls are no longer sold in stores. These dolls were retired in approximately 2012. Mattel makes other male, female, and child dolls that are sold in retail stores such as Walmart and Target... finding the ones you want at the same store might be a challenge, however. Visit their online store and see if there are dolls that interest you. shopmattel



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