Thursday, January 13, 2011

LIV's Alexis as the Queen of Hearts (QoH)

Alexis as Queen of Hearts Full View
LIV's Alexis as Queen of Hearts, a Target exclusive

QoH Alexis has tanned.  She also has a new wig, a new costume, and a new attitude, as illustrated by the heart tattoo on the side of her face and her Kool-Aid red-streaked hair. 

Alexis as QoH Close Up

I am not sure that I will keep her.  Until I make the final decision, I decided to photograph QoH Alexis and include a comparison photo with the less attitudinal, Alexis #1.

QoH Alexis and Alexis #1
Comparison photo:  QoH Alexis has a light caramel complexion while Alexis #1 has a yellow-tan complexion. 


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