Monday, March 5, 2012

Dover and Stardoll Paper Doll Discoveries

I recently browsed Dover Publication's paper doll catalogue which had been in the junk mail pile to discard, piled there until I took time to remove the mailing label and recycle.  Dover has several paper doll books of interest for the paper doll enthusiast.   Many include African Americans.  I took note of the following:
  • If you like political paper dolls, their 2012 Political Circus Inaction Figures paper doll book by Tom Tierney might interest you.  Includes the current and former crop of presidential candidates, Democratic cabinet members and pundits of every persuasion.  Described as containing 52 paper dolls, President Barack Obama is included.  $12.99.
  • Life's a Drag! is Tierney's salute to cross-dressing stars of film and television, includes 17 dolls and 30 costumes.  Tyler Perry and RuPaul are included.  $9.99
  • Ballet Dancers Paper Dolls by Eileen Rudisill Miller includes two unique reversible punch-out dolls to provide young dancers with four ballerinas of diverse backgrounds and a fabulous wardrobe of 32 glamorous outfits with eight costumes for each dancer.  $6.99
  • Teen Pop Stars Paper Dolls, also by Miller is inspired by the pop icons of today.  Two reversible punch-out paper dolls feature four multicultural dolls, each with her own wardrobe.  $7.99
  • Legendary Baseball Stars by Tierney includes 16 Hall of Fame stars with two uniforms each.  The legendary Jackie Robinson is included.  $9.99
  • Action Stars Paper Dolls by Bruce Patrick Jones includes Halle Berry as Catwoman and 15 other movie action stars including Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and others.  $9.99
  • Carnaval Paper Dolls with Glitter! by Tom Tierney is a tribute to Rio's Carnaval.  Three paper dolls come with 16 sparkling costumes, plus Rei Momo, the "King of the Carnaval." $9.99
  • Favorite African American Movie Stars, by Tierney, includes 16 costumed dolls with 16 additional costumes.  Diana Ross as Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues and Whitney Houston in her role as Rachel Marron in The Body Guard  are included.  (It doesn't look like Whitney, but none of Tierney's paper dolls are exact portraits of the intended celebrity).  $5.95

Additionally, for Stardoll lovers, I found a link to an online Tribute to Whitney Houston virtual paper doll. You might find this one fun, even if you are not a fan of paper dolls.  No scissors are required and this one does look like Whitney Houston.


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  1. I played with the Whitney Stardoll when I first went on the site. There were many others that I did, too. Janet Jackson, Usher, Rihanna, etc. They have so many.


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