Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Missmatched Artsy Girl

Artsy Girl arrived yesterday. I immediately took photos of her in the box, then deboxed her for additional photographs.

Artsy Girl resembles Top Chef's Carla Hall

She's a tall (15-1/4 inches), slender girl who does resemble Carla Hall of Top Chef fame, as Male Doll World suggested.  The younger end of the target market (ages 6 to 106) will probably enjoy dressing Carla, I mean Artsy Girl in the extra boxed fashions.  These can be mixed and matched with the clothing the doll wears. At the time of my purchase, the Little Missmatched website only had one boxed fashion available.   Yesterday there were two and the dolls and fashions remained discounted from their original retail of $40 and $20 to $24.99 and $12.99, respectively.

One fashion pack supposedly makes up to 32 outfits.  That's a whole lot of mixing and matching. The fact that at least one piece is reversible adds to the many ways the fashions can be worn.  Different looks can also be created using the three pairs of socks included with the doll and the three included in the fashion pack.  3 socks, 2 feet, 1 you (as the motto goes for the Little Missmatched real-girl socks, which are sold in packs of 3 to mix and wear in different combinations).  Cute, right?

Her black rooted hair is styled in two side ponytails held with one red and one yellow rubber band.  A yellow ribbon headband accents the hairstyle. 

Carla... I mean Artsy Girl wears a multicolored polka dot tee, pink nylon pants, a gray jacket, mismatched socks, and black Mary Jane-style shoes. She came with a backpack, an extra sock, and a hairbrush.   Artsty Girl wears blue-framed glasses.  I like her better without them. 

She is jointed in the usual places (neck,  upper arms, upper legs) as well as extra joints for the elbows and knees.  The knee joints are quite flexible.  The wrists, unfortunately, are not jointed. 

She's fun, cute, and functional.

I like the name Carla better, so Carla it will be.

Take a peek at what's available doll-wise at the website now.


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  1. She is a cutie. I am glad you are happy with your purchase. The name Carla does fit her.

  2. Cute doll!! And you does look like Carla Hall(my all time favorite "cheftestant" on Top Chef)!

  3. Vanessa, Bonnie, and Roxanne -- Thanks! She's a whimsical little character.



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