Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Just Realized: Today is International Women's Day

Last year I redressed a So In Style doll as First Lady Michelle Obama (FLMO) in honor of International Women's Day.  This was part of a So in Style (YahooGroup) activity.   We were supposed to dress a doll to represent our state.  My dressing a doll in stereotypical or non-stereotypical Texas attire was not something I chose to do, but I did want to participate.  Instead, I allowed S.I.S. Grace to shadow FLMO because the First Lady ranks high on my mental list of women trailblazers.

This morning as I reflected on other women whom I admire, I began with the following list (in no certain order of their lives and/or achievements):

Harriet Tubman
Mother Teresa
Myla Perkins (doll historian/enthusiast, and author, whose books inspired me to write)
Sojourner Truth
Rosa Parks and stopping abruptly with Maya Angelou... realizing the most important female trailblazer, mover and shaker in my life IS and always will be my mother, who was born this day during the roaring twenties.

Mama during the 1940s (I believe)

Mama holding my sister in 1963

Mama during the 1990s

Mama (right) supporting me in 2005

My mother has endured, seen, and achieved many more things that are important to me than any celebrity or noted figure.   So this year, on this day, the date of her birth (before I visit her in a few hours to shower her with a monetary gift-filled birthday card and the desired Burberry Weekend for Women eau de parfum she requested), I honor my mother, Bea Behan.  My mother has always been my best role model, biggest supporter, and confidante.  She is the most important, graceful, elegant, faithful, caring, woman I have ever known.

Happy Birthday, Mama! May you enjoy many, many, many more!


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  1. Beautiful! Happy birthday to your beautiful mom! You do look just like her:)

  2. You Are A Lucky Lady Debbie!!
    You Have A Beautiful And Very Elegant Woman As Your Mom!
    And As We Can See You Could Really Learn By This Beautiful Woman, How To Be An Elegant Lady!
    The Last Picture(Showing You Together!)Shows Us That!!
    I Love Her Pics In The Sixties And Dressig Blue!!
    A True Diva Your Private Mom Diva!!
    Congratz For Your Day And It In Double

  3. Miss_Lola, Chynadoll, and Jorge - thank you! I just returned from her house. She watched me eat some of her chocolate cake (just a tiny slice) and a dip of chocolate Blue Bell ice cream. We had a good visit. She was happy to receive the cologne that she has not been able to find locally.

    Jorge - today she told me the picture in blue was taken at church for a souvenir book. She is definitely a diva... always has been and always will be. I did not inherit her fashion sense, but my sister did.


  4. Ohhhh. So sorry I missed this post before you went to see her. I wanted to send her a big birthday hug. What a wonderful post. You can tell she was a diva then and it wears that title well. You are blessed to have such a special role model and trailblazer. The tears were right there ready to come out, but I didn't want to get my popcorn soggy.

  5. No problem, Vanessa. She celebrates her birthday throughout the entire month of March. I will extend your happy birthday wishes to her today.



    1. Tell her that I am right there celebrating the entire month with her :)

    2. She for sure has now one fan more from this part
      of the planet.
      The blue outfit photo is special for me because
      I could feel my way to capture the female figure on photos specialy by my dolls LOL!!
      Looking well she reminds me the lovely ARTSY fashionista in other (and modern) hair stayling.
      And look at her classy way...she puts all her elegance in the pose!I really love it.And you Debbie,show beside her,the same level of elegance!

      But you were a "bad" girl "telling us" about the probably tasteful amazing chocolate cake of your Mom...I almost could feel the softness in my mouth...Humm I LOVE CHOCOLATE! I know I know we have to eat just a little but I can't not resit of mother's chocolate cakes LOL!!!!

    3. Thanks so much Jorge. I will definitely share you wonderful compliments.

      When I was a young schoolgirl, I looked forward to my mother's attendance at programs and parent-teacher conferences, which were called open house back then. She'd dress stylishly and often I would suggest she wear whatever was my favorite of her fashions. I was subconsciously dressing and displaying my favorite doll at those school events!


    4. Ohh This Is Lovely,Debbie!!
      I'm Happy About Your Mom To Have A Very Sweet And Special Daughter As You Are!!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to your mother! She really has a sharp sense of style. All the photos of her are stunning.

  7. Please tell her Happy Birthday from me and Cara's crew. She is a champion in her own right!! She has a beautiful smile that you have inherited. She knows you are wonderful too!

  8. Limbe Dolls and Brini - thank you!


  9. Debbie -

    As you know, this made me cry. I agree with you whole-heartedly. Moma is and always will be my best friend -- you can trust her beyond belief ... She is amazing and we are so blessed to have been raised by her. She made us strong and taught us to be leaders. I feel blessed to have her as a mother, and I feel blessed to have you as a sister. You both are the best -- and excellent role models. I love you - Robin(Your favorite sister)

  10. Ok, so now you have my eyes all welled up with tears.

    God couldn't have blessed me with a better sister-friend who for certain always has my back.

    Love you, too!



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