Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Help Niya Get on the Shelf

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Today voting officially starts for Walmart's Get On The Shelf Competition and continues through April 3, 2012! The Niya doll is one of the products seeking Walmart shelf space and needs your votes.

The doll's mission:
Niya is an American ambassador for love, peace, acceptance and unity along with her group of friends from all different cultures. Niya teaches girls to see with an open heart and not just their eyes. Her “I-Can” attitude helps boost self-esteem and provides a positive example to girls worldwide.

Team Niya appreciates your vote(s) to help this multilingual doll get on store shelves.
Read more, view a video, and Vote for Niya here.  (Voting is done by text message or facebook.  Only one vote per day is allowed.) 

Again, voting begins today, March 7, 2012 and continues through April 3, 2012.  Vote daily!

For additional information about Walmart's Get on the Shelf competition, visit their home page

Read a recent Niya newspaper article here.  

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  1. I love this doll's hairstyle. Thanks for spreading the word about her.

  2. Niya is a cutie! I loved the video. I am on the case. I have gone out to my FB friends and I just posted a blog post about her. It's not as elegantly spoken as yours, but I think it will help get some votes.

    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa. I know Darla Davenport-Powell appreciates your support.

      I forgot to include a link to Niya's most recent story in the press.


  3. I love this doll... She's very nice...

  4. Cute doll! I put in a vote for her!

  5. Bonnie and Roxanne -- thanks!

    Rosine, I hope you were able to vote.



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