Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Never Hurts To Ask - A Paper Doll Story

Last month's receipt of my portrait paper doll (a depiction of me at age 10) by Diana E. Vining of http://prettypix4u.com prompted me to ask Diana if she could reproduce it in magnetic form. She could and she did!

My magnetic portrait paper doll's fashion doll

The magnetic portrait paper doll duplicates the paper version but also includes an African American fashion doll for the paper doll (shown above).  The fashion doll wears a peach dress with WLBD initials on the bodice.  This dress matches the extra peach dress made for the magnetic paper doll.  (Diana knows that peach is my favorite color.)

The addition of the African American fashion doll recreates history because I did not own any black dolls as a child. 

Magnetic portrait paper doll with AA fashion doll, five magnetic fashions, puppy, and personalized storage tin
by Diana E. Vining
Unlike the paper version, the magnetic set does not require scissors, it has a tin storage box with a head shot of the paper doll on front.  My name, moniker (Black-Doll Enthusiast and Author), and my web site address are on back.

I love it!

Diana included a thank you card that reads:
Thank you, Debbie!
You sure do make a gorgeous paper doll!


Dolly hugs,
Diana E. V.
I attribute the paper doll's appeal to Diana's artistic expertise and interpretation. 


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  1. I'm sure your mom would agree, since she had the real you as a doll when you were that age.

  2. That is so cool! Asking definitely worked out in this case.

  3. Miladyblue - Thanks! Most people say my mother and I favor.

    Vanessa -- Yes, asking did work out in this case because, while I collect paper dolls, I never cut them. The magnetic doll allows me to actually experience paper doll play.


  4. Debbie, I'm so glad that you're enjoying your magnetic paper doll set, and I'm honored that you shared it on your blog! You truly are a real doll! :)


  5. Thank you, Diana. It was a pleasure to share it.



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