Friday, March 23, 2012

The President is Closing Shop

"The Essence of" Collection by Trinity Designs, Inc., L-R: The Essence of Lady Ivy, The Essence of a Zeta, The Essence of Lady Sigma, and The Essence of a Delta (Photograph courtesy of Trinity Designs, Inc.)

The reader is referred to my March 5, 2011, blog-post interview of Niccole Graves, President and CEO of Trinity Designs, Inc. for detailed information on this line of 16-inch, articulated vinyl sorority dolls, a first of their kind.

This past Wednesday, March 21, 2012, a little over a year since my interview with Graves, I was saddened to learn of her decision to liquidate remaining doll quantities.  All dolls are now 50% off original retail of $149.  Shipping is $10.  The Delta doll (red gown) is sold out.  As of this writing, the other three dolls, shown above, are still available.

Collectors of sorority memorabilia and/or doll enthusiasts might want to purchase one or more of these dolls before quantities are exhausted.  To do so, click here.

Kudos to you, Ms. Graves for your endeavor to introduce these dolls and their concept to the market and best wishes on your future projects.


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  1. I must have missed your original post, or I'm losing my memory. I don't ever remember seeing these dolls. She did a really nice job with them. Sorry to hear the news of the closing.

    1. You probably forgot about these, Vanessa, because you wrote a comment on my post about them last year.



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