Saturday, December 3, 2011

AA Stardoll by Barbie My Review

African American Stardoll by Barbie
As is routine with me, I always take photos of new dolls in their arrival state, thus the in-box photo shown above of  the African American Stardoll by Barbie.


Here's a head shot of her in the box.    I think she's lovely.

After removing her from the box, I examined the frozen-in-place legs. They do not move. Her arms do move forward and backward, but they are also basically frozen in an at-the-side position.   

Here's an out-of-the box, full-length photo.

If you are looking to add a lovely fashion doll to your collection that has separately sold fashion accessory packs, you will enjoy this doll. If you prefer articulated dolls, able to pose in multiple positions, Stardolls are not for you. You can, however, do as others are doing: purchase the doll and rebody with an articulated body such as LIV's Alexis to match this particular doll's complexion. A Barbie Fashionista (specifically Artsy for this doll) should work, too.   I caution that I have not tried either body.  Initially my plan was to transfer my doll's head to a Fashionista body, but I am putting that plan temporarily on hold for now.

  • Non-articulated body. 
  • The doll cannot sit.  
  • Stardolls cannot wear Barbie fashions or shoes.  
This is not a true con, but I repurposed the vinyl rose hair adornment.  (See the collage image below.)

  • Reasonably priced at $19.99, but on sale for $16.99 (today is the last day for the sale) at Toys R Us
  • Stands a full 12 inches with shoes on
  • Lovely face
  • Rooted hair
  • Rooted eyelashes
  • Decent fashion and shoes
  • Inclusion of a doll stand -- she needs it!
  • Nice, shapely legs 

Who She Favors:

Many have compared this doll's facial sculpt to celebrities such as Solange Knowles and her more famous sister, Beyoncé. In my opinion, she is a cross between Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, more Beyoncé about the eyes and nose with Kim K.'s mouth. Please look at the collage I created and let me know which "star" this Stardoll resembles more to you.

The Headshot Collage Comparison:

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  1. Congrats on getting her, she's gorgeous!

    I've actually tried both bodies and the Fashionistas Artsy/Nikki body is a perfect match. LIV Alexis is, ok...but the body has more of a pinkish tone to its complexion and looked a little off (at least to me)

    Great comparison photos! Judging from the photos of Beyonce and Kim K. she looks dead on Beyonce to me.

    I'm so glad they're still on sale. :)

  2. Congrats! She is quickly becoming popular. I agree with Tracy India! Beyonce'!

  3. Beyonce.

    Congratulations on getting her at a good price. Shame about the lack of articulation.

  4. Tracy India, Ms. Leo, and D7ana - thanks for the congrats.

    It looks like most agree that Stardoll looks more like Beyoncé with dark hair.

    Thanks also Tracy India for your fabulous blog about this doll. Had I not read it, I don't think I would have purchased. I really wish they had given her a better body, but it is what it is. Thanks for confirming that the Fashionista body is a perfect match. I may eventually try that.

    What, if anything, did you do with the extra Stardoll body?

    I forgot to add a con -- Stardolls cannot wear Barbie fashions or shoes. I'll update the post with this information.


  5. What important post Debbie!!
    I didn´t know the doll can not sit and has fixed arms...
    She has in my opinion the same facemold of Artsy,with some softness lines on it...
    Mattel has a difficult to create something new about it.
    But was very nice to have all your explanations about the doll style.
    Thank You Debbie!!!

  6. You're welcome, Jorge. I'm glad you found this post informative.


  7. Sorry you weren't more pleased with your purchase. Where did you get that old looking picture of Kim. She does have Kim's mouth. She looks like a younger Beyonce, which brings me back to Tracy India's original assessment of Solange.

  8. Thanks, Vanessa.

    I found both pictures using's image search feature. Here is the specific link for KK's image. I selected the one with a smile and hairstyle that closely matched the doll's. Same thing with Beyoncé, whose picture is probably old too based on that dark hair color.


  9. I would have love for this doll to be a little darker but you can't always get what you want so I will move on! I'm happy you found her!

  10. Me too EN30. It seems that many manufacturers are using this middle-of-the-road "safe" complexion to appeal to more than one ethnicity. At a glance, dolls of this complexion could be considered AA, Hispanic, or biracial (even though most are defined as AA by the manufacturer).


  11. Are they supposed to look like stars??? I can't find any other info on this.

    Totally random, but the redhead looks like Susan Delfino's daughter on Desperate Housewives. I'm sure she's too insignificant!

  12. Cosmodollitan Elle - The Stardoll concept originated as a virtual doll. Stardoll members utilize online tools to create their own MeDoll to either look like themselves or how they desire to look. Fashions and accessories can be purchased with Starcoins and Stardollars.

    The virtual doll has now morphed into a three-dimensional fashion doll with separately-sold boxed fashions.

    I've toyed around at the website and created my own MeDoll, but that is as far as I have ventured.

    Here's the link to their website.



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