Thursday, February 21, 2013

Positively Precious Twins

I had been wanting to see the Positively Perfect Divas in person since learning about them last year.  I had hoped they would arrive in this area prior to Christmas.  One would have been a gift for my 7-year-old niece.

Finally in mid-January, I saw all three Positively Perfect Divas at Wal-Mart:  Zair, Diana, and Abrielle.  I was very tempted to buy Zair but left her there only to return two weeks later and purchase two because those were the only ones left.  Diana and Abrielle had sold!

Positively Perfect Diva Zair by EPI
On the date of purchase, initially I went to the register with one Zair.  After paying for my items, I examined my receipt and noted a $10.47 discount for Zair; I was only charged $9.50!  So, like any plangonologist (even though they might say they don't actively collect this type doll), I took my items to the car and went back in the store and purchased the other Zair. 

My Zair has been deboxed.

For now the two are twins, but my niece will receive one for her 8th birthday this summer.

Mini Review of the Positively Perfect Divas:
  • The dolls are pleasing to the eye.
  • They have stationary eyes.
  • They are available in two skin tones with a choice of curly hair or straight for the two with the darker complexion.
  • The lighter doll, Abrielle, can be considered  African American, Hispanic or biracial.  
  • The retail of around $20 is reasonable for the quality of doll the intended recipient (a child age 3+) will receive:  a doll with rooted, comb-able hair, with easily removable, fashionable clothing.
  • The dolls are fastened in the box with rubber bands, which provides easy removal.
  • At 18-inches, the dolls should be able to wear most clothing made for 18-inch American Girl-type dolls including 18-inch Madame Alexander playline dolls.
Cons (from a collector's perspective only -- ignore these if the intended recipient is a child)
  • The doll has more cloth than vinyl and the vinyl is not as firm as that used for American Girl dolls.
  • The cloth areas are not tightly stuffed, especially the torso.  This results in a cuddly doll, which may have been the designer's intent.
  • The dolls cannot stand alone.
  • Zair's super curly hair may not be easy for a child to comb.  The top of the hair is not as curly as the mid-to-lower strands, however. 
Zair has super curly hair.  It may not be easy to comb and if it is, it may wind up being a bit unruly.

Zair's cloth areas are loosely stuffed as illustrated in the above image; she cannot stand alone.  Full vinyl legs and arms would have been better.

This is a height comparison photo of Zair and American Girl Kaya.

A child age 3+ should enjoy the Positively Perfect Divas.  Many doll collectors (plangonologists) who do not mind owning cuddly dolls might consider them positively perfect.

Read the company's story here.


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  1. I got curious about the word "plangonologist" so I looked it up. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary!

  2. Hello from Spain, i like your two dolls. Great purchase. Very cheal. I really like her long hair. Very cute. Keep in touch

    1. Yes, Marta, they were very reasonably priced to begin with and the sale price was even better.


  3. I bought one of these cuties a couple of months ago. Mine came in a denim jumper with two braided ponytails. I bought her @Walmart. I too wish she would be able to stand on her own but I still love her :O)

    I seem to be attracted to some of these bigger ladies. I know own 9 of this size dolls..LOL

    1. Hi Dollz4moi,

      We have to keep in mind that we (the adult collector) were not included in the target market, but I'd still like for the doll to be able to stand. I have considered removing the neck and adding polyfil and may do that eventually since I have everything I need here to complete the task.

      I have TMTC (too many to count) dolls in this size, but for the past year or more, this size has not interested me. I mainly purchased Zair because I wanted to support this AA-owned company that has taken the initiative to produce dolls for our children, and I like their 18-inch size dolls. The smaller ones -- not so much; the faces are just not as cute, almost scary. (Sorry EPI, but there was no other way for me to express my opinion of the smaller dolls).


  4. Beautiful dolls. I love the names of the dolls.

  5. The twins are gorgeous! I believe I saw one, but not in this outfit.

    1. Thanks, GG. I am not regretting the purchase, especially two for less than the price of one.


  6. I just learned a new word from this article:


    Wow I need to have that as my job title...

    1. We (plangonologists) should all be so lucky, Carmen. I'd love to be employed as one, too.


  7. Replies
    1. This particular version of Zair is no longer available and can only be purchased on the secondary market from another owner, collector, or on eBay. I may be willing to sell my doll if you are interested in this version only. I believe Target sells the current line of Positively Perfect Dolls if you are interested in purchasing any version. You can visit the company's Facebook page and inquire about other buying sources. Here is the URL link to their FB page. Positively Perfect



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