Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cute Valentine's Day Card and Fashions

Cute Mahogany Valentine's Day card

(This post was prematurely published a few days ago in my failed attempt to schedule it for publishing on Valentine's Day.  A few followers may have seen a glimpse of it because of the pre-publishing blunder.)  Anyway...

I purchased two of the above Valentine's Day cards in the Mahogany section of  Hallmark cards at Wal-Mart.  I mailed one to a friend and kept one for myself because the little girl is just so darn cute! 

The inside reads:

On Valentine's Day
and all year through,
I'm glad to have a friend like You!

Happy ♥ Day!

This month I participated in a doll swap with the So In Style Yahoo Group.  I purchased two Valentine's Day-themed fashions from eBay seller Barbie-Couture.  One of the fashions went with a So In Style Grace to my swap recipient.  I was going to share photos of Grace, but maybe later after the recipient has shared her own photos with the SIS Group.  I kept the other fashion for one of my dolls.

Love-themed fashion by eBay seller, Barbie-Couture, modeled by Swappin' Styles Artsy

Artsy is wearing this funky two-piece pants and halter outfit by Barbie-Couture.  The hearts and the words "love" and "everyday" incorporated in the print give it more of a "love everyday" theme than Valentine's Day.  I like that message better.  We should express our love everyday not just on special days established by someone else. 

I deboxed Nikki after having her for several months, whose lips and hearts-print dress ties in well with Artsy's fashion. 

Happy ♥ Day!


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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! That really is a cute card. I would have to but in a frame and hang it up!


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