Monday, February 27, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another - Meeting Bev Collins

Recently, doll artist Beverly Collins introduced herself to me through email with the subject line, Black Dolls Made in America. She invited me to visit her web site. I did and enjoyed looking at her dolls and wearable art.  I googled her name and found an online biography written for October Gallery.  The story of what led to her doll making is very touching to me.

Prior to receiving Bev's email, the members of my online doll group had begun discussing our 2012 club doll. "Which artist should we ask to make it?" was one of the questions asked. I shared Bev's intro email with the group and urged them to visit her web site.  One member, after visiting Bev's site, suggested we ask her to create a wearable art piece for us (a brooch). I did. 

2012 WLBD Club Brooch by Beverly Collins -
Photographs Courtesy of Beverly Collins

As a result of Bev's intro email and my sharing it with my group, 16 dated, signed, one-of-a-kind (yet similar), polymer clay brooches were created for us.   We are all very pleased with the 6-inch elegant wearable art that serves as the group's first club brooch and this year's club piece. Some have mentioned displaying it in a shadow box. I have proudly worn mine and allowed it to command attention.

After reading her initial email and communicating with Bev on several occasions, long before commissioning her to create our club piece, I asked if I could share her October Gallery bio in a blog post. She suggested I share the updated version from her web site instead.   I have been planning to do this, but the time seemed to never present itself.

Today I received notification about Bev's latest doll creation and the inspiration behind it.  Now is the time for me to share Bev with you.

See her most recent doll creation and what inspired it below:

"Over the years I have seen movies, heard stories, and watched programs about the Tuskegee Airmen. After seeing the movie Red Tails I was inspired to do more research and create a doll in honor of the warriors known as The Tuskegee Airmen."  - Bev Collins
Photograph Courtesy of Beverly Collins

Read her artist statement, here.
For additional information about Bev, her dolls, or to purchase the Tuskegee Airman, please visit her web site.


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limbe dolls said...

Thanks for sharing the work of this very talented doll artist. I enjoyed viewing her work on her website and I also got ideas for attempting some doll brooches made from salt dough :-).

Chynadoll said...

Thank you for sharing the work of this amazingly talented artist! I truly enjoyed seeing her work and her brooches made from your group are amazing! I have added her to my favorites and will be checking in on her and her work from time to time. Very inspiring :)

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Limbe Dolls and Chyna dolls, your comments were almost identical. Bev is very talented. She will probably be honored to know her doll art has inspired the two of you.


Georgia Girl said...

Ditto to Limbe dolls and Chynadoll said in reference to her amazing talents. The broches are beautiful! Thanks for the link. I will bookmark her site.

Vanessa said...

What an amazing talent she is! I loved all of her work. Her paintings were exceptional. I will definitely be keeping up with her website. Thanks for sharing!