Monday, July 20, 2015

Angelica's Redress x2

With the exception of the shoes and "nude" tights, Angelica wears her original fashion.
Part of The Ultimate Collection by the late Philip Heath, 1999, Angelica's original fashion is an off-white satin sundress and voile duster with white leggings. I originally added nude hose and off-white ankle strap shoes after her barefoot arrival. A girl needs shoes, I thought. I suppose Heath thought differently.

Her first shoes deteriorated with time as blogged about here and were replaced with the black stud-accented sandals shown above, which (without soliciting her opinion) my daughter advised, do not match her original fashion.  I already knew this, but these and a couple of other shoes were the only ones I found while shopping for replacement shoes for her size 7 child's foot. So they had to do.

I have longed to redress Angelica for years. This, I knew, would pose difficulty because of her partial vinyl limbs, her 38-inch height, and slender body. The new outfit would require long sleeves and new leggings or a dress length that would extend below her knees. During's recent Dollie and Me event, I found two fashions that are perfect for Angelica. I guessed at her size, girls 4/5.

Each fashion comes with a matching dress designed to fit an 18-inch (American Girl-size) doll.

Even though they were ordered together, the fashions were shipped separately with the one on the left in the above image arriving first.  Angelica tried it on and wore it for about a week before the dress arrived.  She models both below with and without the dolls chosen to wear the accompanying dresses:

I was surprised at how well this two-piece fashion fits Angelica and how great she looks wearing it.  (The tutu is attached to the leggings.)

Her little doll companion is a reproduction Patty-Jo by Terri Lee.  The extra dress fits her well.
To provide a better look at the smaller dress, Angelica holds Patty-Jo.
For the second outfit, a turquoise dress with mesh skirt and dark pink underskirt, Angelica had a couple of on-hand shoe choices, shown next.

With her nude tights, these pink suede ankle straps complement the underskirt of this drop-waist dress.  The sleeves of the dress are a little long.  For a quick remedy, I wrapped clear elastic bands over the sleeves at the wrists, pulled the excess fabric up and folded it over the bands.

The second dress worn with black suede T-straps creates a dressier look.

Angelica is joined by her dress-like me doll, Bonnie Lou by Terri Lee and Patty Jo tags along.
Initially I chose the first outfit as my favorite, but with the black shoes, I like the dress equally as well.  Angelica "decided" to wear the first outfit for now because of its summery look.  She will save the dress to wear during the fall or winter.  The little ones were just happy to be redressed.