Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chelsea, Friend of Kelly

Friend of Kelly, Chelsea

On a late-June day, I browsed the Barbie section of Walmart and found this lone Chelsea among the other Kelly and Friend of Kelly dolls.  After examining her, I appreciated her, now rarely seen, deep complexion.  One of the most recent friends of Kelly, Tamika, has a cafĂ© au lait complexion and I had not seen a truly brown friend in quite a while.  Even though I am not a fan of molded-on clothing (the bodice of her leotard is molded on) and I am not a fan of painted-on tights, I brought her home.   Her removable shoes are refreshing.

Fashionista 5 (Goddess) and Chelsea display well together.

Still in the box, I positioned Chelsea on my desk, where most new dolls are stationed until their entries have been recorded in my spreadsheet.  I noticed how well she pairs with one of the two Fashionistas I recently purchased (who, even though their entries have been recorded, remain on my desk along with one other doll).

If I debox Chelsea, she and Goddess will remain paired together, at least until Goddess is redressed.  I am hoping Mattel releases the Live, Love, Laugh-themed fashion as a separate, seen below.

Facebook Barbie page-captured photo illustrates Goddess (Fashionista 5) in her original fashion and in a Live Love Laugh (LLL)-themed fashion that includes black faux leather pants, black strappy sandals, and white wristlet.  If the LLL fashion is released, this will be a must-have for me.