Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dyeing to be Black Part 2 - Initial Results

Adam's body and head, two Barbie bodies, Twistee Totsy's body and her head after the dye bath

In the previous post, the initial phase of dyeing several white dolls black (or brown) using brown iDye Poly was shared.  This post will share the initial effects the dye bath had on each doll.


Adam's neck and torso did not absorb the dye.  His lips and eyes retained their color.  His molded hair and complexion are now ebony.

Twistee Totsy's Hair Close-up:

Twistee's formerly light blonde hair is now a dishwater blonde color.  You'll see how this was corrected in a follow-up post.

Babette, the unmarked Barbie clone, and vintage Barbie clone by Davtex:

Babette and the unmarked clone now have Ebony complexions (see their before image here).  Babette's previous brunette hair with highlights is now a reddish-brown.  The formerly blonde bubble cut clone is now a brunette with gold highlights.  The Davtex doll's face would not absorb the dye, as illustrated above.  She was a "piece of work."

GI Joe:

Joe's eyes, hair, his facial scar, joints, and feet did not fully absorb the dye.  The writing on his shirt remained visible.  He required more time to complete as well.

35th Anniversary Barbie:

As illustrated in her initial after-dye photos, 35th Anniversary Barbie's eye and lip color were unaffected by the dye.  Her body, unfortunately, is much lighter than her face, arms, and legs.  The dye over-penetrated some areas on her chest and in small areas on one side of her face and upper arm.  How I was able to deepen her torso and mask the coloring imperfections will be shared in Friday's post.


Each doll required extra detailing beyond dyeing, some more than others.  I worked on more than one doll at a time and took pictures along the way.  If painting was being done, those dolls that needed it were painted.  If hair needed to be styled, that was done.   To keep the posts relatively brief, I had to make this a multi-part series.  Some posts, however, will focus more on some dolls than others.  So please stay tuned.

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