Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Who Knew I Would Receive Gifts on Mama's Birthday?

The back of a package recently received in the mail from a doll friend
The dolls and doll-related items contained within the above delightfully-decorated shipping box arrived on my mother's birthday.  The timely arrival was purely coincidental yet very much appreciated.

I was so impressed with the artistry on the front and back of the box that it took several minutes for me to open and view the contents.   I gingerly removed the ends of the brown paper wrapping and cut out each image to keep!

Colored pencils were used to create the beautiful colors in these images* that decorated the front and back of the shipping box.

As an art enthusiast, who realized someone had taken the time to creatively color the formerly black and white images for me, I was not about to destroy them.  After each image had been cut out and set aside, the package was opened.   Had I known each wrapped gift contained a similar colored image tag along with several others that were used to write a multi-part note of appreciation, I would have still saved the outer artwork.  Yes, I would.

So what was in the package?

A numbered, four-part note was written on the back of four additional colored-pencil images (how creative is that?).

Photos of the presents and gift tags, which describe the contents in each package to which it was attached, are shown first, followed by the unwrapped gifts:

On the left are three wrapped gifts with the front of their colored gift tags shown.  The same packages with handwritten notes on back of the gift tags are shown on the right.

In these three packages were a beautifully-made clothespin doll dressed in my favorite color, peach; an ornament created by doll artist, Daisy Carr; and doll jewelry (earrings, pin, and necklace) made by Marie Green.  Individual images of each follow:

The doll-lightful clothespin doll was made by the person who sent the package.  She remembered my favorite color!

I love her!

Daisy Carr is a very talented artist, who works chiefly in cloth.  I received my first piece by her, another ornament, last year from another dear doll friend.  This one is 6 inches tall.
One-of-a-kind handcrafted earrings, pin, and necklace made by Marie Green

Aren't these earrings adorable?

I love the matching pin and necklace.

Wait! There were two more gifts.

The last two gifts also had hand-colored gift tags with notes written on back as illustrated above.
This collectible 4-inch doll pendant by Laliberi, with lobster claw clasp, can be used to adorn a purse, which is how I am enjoying it.

Another Daisy Carr creation is a 12-inch cloth ornament with polymer clay face.

Close-up of the taller Daisy Carr ornament

Words cannot express how deeply honored I felt as I opened these gifts and enjoyed the artwork, some of which I later learned was done by children ages 5 to 10.  To have been thought of in such a manner has left me feeling highly favored.

Thank you so much (she prefers not to have her name mentioned) for my beautiful gifts and their well-thought-out, creative presentation.


*The images that were colored were downloaded from the free coloring pages link at

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