Monday, March 13, 2017

Dyeing to be Black Part 4 - Some Finishing Touches

As mentioned in a previous post in this series, 35th Anniversary Barbie's body did not absorb the dye as well as her face, arms, and legs absorbed it.  Not wanting to use paint for the body, I tried coloring it using a brown colored pencil and was pleased with the result.

Half of Barbie's chest has been shaded in with the colored pencil.

With the pencil, the body has been completely colorized.

Full view of the colored body.

Her face imperfections were remedied by creating two moles or beauty marks in those areas.  I used black acrylic paint to dot these areas with the tip of a paint-dipped toothpick.  To mask the "hyperpigmentation" on her chest, areolas with nipples were painted as shown in the photo taken with Joe below (photo was taken before the black painted areas of his shirt were sealed).

Barbie poses with Joe after his joints and feet were painted and sealed.  The completed, but undressed, Adam and Twistee Totsy are also shown.
Barbie's wrist tag and signature, black and white bathing suit are back on.  Her shoes are still attached to the box liner.

Dressed in a pair of cargo khaki's and tan sneakers, work on Joe is complete.
Twistee Totsy is enjoying her completion as well.

Twistee Totsy's two original ribbons, which had been on two small side ponytails, are now wrapped around her single, pulled-back ponytail.

Adam's finishing touches are revealed in part 5.

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